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Michelle Burden  North Texas backyard gardener/paradise builder with two really cute cats. #catsinthegarden #burymeinmygarden #plantporn Dallas, TX

.5” Thursday evening, .25” Friday morning, then another 4” of 🌧 by Saturday afternoon. Whoa.

Two years ago my ex and I went to a cat shelter. They asked if there was a specific kind of cat we were looking for. First thought was, “Show us ALL your cats😶”. Turned out they have a lot of cats, so then we wanted to say “Umm, you got any mustachioed kitties back there, maybe a giant fluffy mainecoon, how about a kitler?” But we both couldn’t say it because we also wanted to rescue a cat that wasn’t so easily adoptable. Although I was expecting to rescue a senior cat, they didn’t recommend that with our less than sociable cat Galileo, so the first cat they brought out was Hemingway, this polydactyl bizarre little freak that was tossed over a fence in someone’s yard. We saw other cats that day but it was this little freak who had our hearts. It wasn’t easy for my ex to let me keep Hemy after our divorce but it was the one thing I wasn’t going to budge on. And I’m glad I didn’t. I love this little monster terribly. Happy anniversary Hemy! #polydactylcat #adoptdontshop #showmeyourkittiez #cutnessoverload #polydactylykitten

5 years ago today my youngest nephew “bro punked” me, I think? I still don’t know if he knew what he was doing😂! Last photo is a year from today and is still one of my favorite post. My nieces, nephews and stepdaughters have made my heart and mind grow to capacities I never could have imagined. Love them to the end of the earth.

Well I planned on taking a day off from spine physical therapy and was suppose to be camping and hiking in Oklahoma today🏕🏞🌅😊 BUUUUUT😞 I severely re-injured myself yesterday while moving some 40lb+ oddly shaped ceramic pots, specifically one that was over head🙄. So instead of being happily lost in the woods I was back at rehab and made the most of the day in Dallas with the added bonus of catching my cat Galileo enjoying the sunrays with my “prince of orange” philodendron🍂🍃😻 and her paperball. It could be worse😊. #spotthecat (in the second photo) #sheisamess #fatcatsofinstagram #fatcatchronicles #readytobedonewithphysicaltherapy

Stupid beautiful morning!💗 #nofilternecessary

It rained another 1/3 inch last night, sun is out, I’m off work and it’s beautiful out💛.

Hemingway’s morning yoga vinyasa. Complete with downward facing dog, cobra pose, plop pose😸, copse and finally finishing with self satisfaction pose😻. Also, can we appreciate my cat’s thumbs🤗😄!?! #catyoga #catyogapose #polydactylcat #catsinthegarden

Garden buddies💘

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