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Michelle Burden  North Texas backyard gardener/paradise builder with two really cute cats. #catsinthegarden

You have always been my loudest fan and greatest example of unconditional love. Every girl deserves a father like you. I love you to the moon and back and around again Dad! Happy extra special Father’s Day to the greatest man I know❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!

Got a view of more than one nut this morning. 🐿🥜🐈 #demnuts #squirrelsofinstagram

It’s been a hectic father’s day weekend at my restaurant. I was a grump by the end of the night☹️. I was closing it down by myself thinking I just need to go home, open a good book and get some decent sleep tonight. Little did I know my latest amazon purchase was awaiting me. 700 pages of answers and fascination. Me thinks a good evening I shall have 😍.

Found a dozen stink bugs also called “squash bugs” on my pepper plants.... they got squashed☠️. They damage crops, as you can see on my jalapeño. #bugidentification #stinkbug #brownstinkbug #hemiptera #bugsinthegarden

Spent the morning bug hunting in the garden. This is the last life stage of leaf-footed bug nymph. He’ll pierce the skin of leafs and crops sucking juice and causing damage to your plant and crops. The second photo is of the same guy (he’s missing his back left foot) just two days before. He’s grown a lot since then. I took a photo to identify it before killing it because I wasn’t sure if it was a beneficial assassin bug. I lost him that day but glad to find him again because he’s a goner👌😈. #leaffootedbug #bugidentification #bugsinthegarden #intergratedpestmanagement #hemiptera

Watching the morning commuters likes she’s in Baroque work of art. #rubenesque #mymuse #fatcatchronicles #shemakesmelaugh

I hate spider mites and I’ve had a bad infestation of them this year! I’ve not found predator bugs on any plants that I’ve had mites on, so I’ve been blasting them off with water. Some plants bounce back quickly from mites, others not so much. Today is the first time I saw mites on my tomatoes😩. Noticeable by speckling on leafs from piercing and sucking on your plants and eventually creating webs. They do major damage to crop plants. BUT with my magnifier I also spotted and identified minute pirate bugs that feed on mites, aphids and thrips on the same tomato plants. Instead of blasting off both bugs from my plants with water I’m going to cut and dispose of the yellow leafs that have been too damaged by the inhabited mites and hope the pirate bugs do the rest🤞. #intergratedpestmanagement #agrilife #beneficialbugs #minutepiratebug #spidermites #tomatopests #entomology

Got this huernia succulent at a master gardener plant trade back in February. First off, gifting plants you’ve grown is one of my favorite things about being a gardener. Second, there is a whole other kind of love for your succulents when they surprise you with a bloom😊. #huernia #succulent #succulentsinbloom #giftingplants

He trusts me way too much 💦🐈. #catsinthegarden

When I lived in California and was in New Zealand, I’d smell gardenia everywhere I walked. I thought of it as a more temperate climate plant. Never knew I could grow it here. They need acidic soil, which we don’t have in North Texas, so two years ago I gambled on a $20 gardenia I planted in a container to control the soil ph and wondered if it could take our Texas heat and humidity. Turns out she’s a champ. Second year and she’s just about done flowering for the spring but I’ll get another bump in the fall. ...Love how smell takes you to a place. Now gardenia is the smell of home and not just far away places❤️.#gardenia #spotthecat #northtexasgardening #containergardening

I finally successfully propagated some of my Rex Begonias 😍! I wish I wrote down the day I started these stem cuttings. I’m guessing it took about 5 weeks for them to sprout. Thrilled! #rexbegonia #propagation #propagatingbegonias

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