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ℳ 𓂀  Magical girl by day. Super Saiyan by night. @emcosmetics

Sailor Mars. Forever mood. ♂

My whole life, I always thought green was a dull and lifeless color. After I was tested positive for color blindness, it makes sense why I never liked green. It legitimately looks dull to me lollll. Now I have a greater appreciation for green. 😁

My lil sister @thechristinep turns 23 today. I remember changing your diapers, drawing your bedtime stories, and playing dress up. We didn’t have much back then, but we had each other and that’s what matters most. Family. You’ve grown to become such a beautiful, compassionate, strong young woman. I’m so proud of you!!!! Love you em ❤️ Happy Birthday 🎂

I just lost my best friend yesterday. I’m completely devastated. I love you Kittycorn. I’ll miss your chirps, headbutts, how you were upset whenever I had to fly out. You were the kindest soul. You were pure love. I’m completely wrecked. It hurts so much. I lost a family member...

Can you believe this Kpop makeup tutorial is 6 years old? 2012 😱 Where did the time go? I rarely look back at my videos ( I low key cringe at myself and my voice 😖 ) but I came across a comment that struck a chord, swipe to read. I remember during this time, I was developing EM with L’Oreal, building Ipsy, and maintaining my content flow on my channel. Looking back, I don’t know how I did it. I was averaging 5 hours of sleep and hustling my ass off to provide stability for my family and future. 6 years later, looking back and reflecting on my journey, I now have a sense of peace. Although I accomplished what needed to be done, it was the journey that mattered most. I’m so thankful to all the people who helped shape me to who I am today. I’m better now because of you. Thank you. * Fun fact * The background effect were made up of strings of Christmas tinsel 🤣

My feed’s filled with Cyber Monday deals. Adding to the noise 😗 on @emcosmetics Use code - CYBER20 to take 20% off sitewide (excludes kits or other discounts)

Enjoy Cyber Monday on @emcosmetics Use code - CYBER20 to take 20% off sitewide (excludes kits or other discounts) I highly recommend the brush tip eyeliner for easy precise lines. It’s my beauty staple 〰️✍️

Update : We’ve reached capacity. Looking forward to seeing you all this Thursday! Inviting LA beauty creators and enthusiasts to join me in an intimate @thenimetyou evening, this Thursday with @charlottejcho
Please RSVP, space is limited. 🔗 in the bio.

Found old concept and packaging designs for @emcosmetics lip clouds and liners. They’re so pretty 😍

Feels. I cried and was depressed after beating sin and finishing the game. It was as if a part of my life ended. I felt like I lost my friends ( Yuna, Rikku, Auron, Lulu, Wakka ) so when FFX-2 came out, it was like a Phoenix down on me because I was revived. Last pic is my Yuna fanart I found from 15 years ago. Who else is hyped about Kingdom Hearts 3?! I’ve been waiting 13 years for this game. Long overdue.

Please follow and support talented artists like @tasia.m.s Her illustrations and colors are gorgeous! I was fortunate to commission her to create these beauties. Enjoy swiping thru 😘 Be sure to tag your favorite illustrator for future collabs ✌️

If I was a music genre, I’d be lofi.

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