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Michelle Prizcillya  sanguin-phleg

r u there?

cold outside, warm inside 🌌

Keluarga cemara's escape room no 1028 βœ¨πŸ™Œ

Let's meet again πŸ’™

Menolak move on..
These some fancam that i took from #EverywheretourinJKT
Low quality detected πŸ˜¦πŸ˜†

Kalian mantul parah πŸ’•
Can't describe any words,
semua di eye contact-in 😭
fan service nya parah bgt πŸ’˜
Winner are our movie star πŸ’–



short + sweet escape ✨

#ikutdisco8 #joyfulmemories #apsib

Never liked being around kiddos but the vibes did πŸ‘Ά
Thank you for the past 6 months my commsearch club πŸ’š

Michelle Prizcillya - 00000023738 - Sistem Informasi 2017

Care is not all about getting attention. But its all about action - pcy
#ULOVEbyUStoreUBiz #IShareILove #ULOVE2018

I wanted to become the president, a judge, and a celebrity
But in reality I became an extra - hoony


i bought it from @allaboutmerch.kpop πŸ’•
The box contains :
-two batteries
-the user guides
-a strap (unfortunately i got ikon , idk why zzz)

i think its gonna be my 1st and (probably last) unboxing video bcs im do it just for fun and ma support for @winnercity Bcs they will come to Indonesia soon! Omg i'm so excited!!πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Sorry for bad video quality, etc bcs im just amateur and im recording it using my cheap phone :)
For : @w_n_r00 @xxjjjwww @realllllmino @maetamong πŸ’™

Thank you @thinggg for the financial support πŸ˜‚

Song : Really Really - Winner
Inseo exist because winner exist!
#winnercity #winner #reallyreally #lightstickwinner #inseobong #nebulaocean

Colors in the dark - taka

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