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Mother’s Day is a tender day for me. A day to celebrate the most important role I possess. A day to honor the most important woman in my life. And a day to remember that when I was pregnant at 16 and far too young to be taking on the role of a mother, another woman who could not have children of her own, rose to the occasion.⁣

Almost 20 years after placing my son for adoption, we reconnected and my heart began to heal. ⁣
“Thank you for placing me for adoption. My mother and father have been amazing and have given me the most incredible life.” ⁣
These words have helped to heal my soul from years of bitter sweet Sundays like today. I can never fully thank his adoptive mother enough for the role she took on when I simply could not. ⁣

This day is a very tender day for many women for many reasons. To all of you who are mourning this day, I mourn with you. To those of you who are celebrating, celebrate to the fullest. Being a mother is many things to many people. Whatever this day brings up for you, I will humbly hold sacred space. ⁣

I am a proud mother to Brielle and a proud Birth Mother to Preston. Special love today to my amazing mom, Margie and my Sister Mom, Lisa. ❤️❤️⁣

Happy Mother’s Day! ⁣

Photo cred: @rabecca

Happy Birthday to the love of my life @mweirsy ❤️
You have turned my life into something I never believed could be real. You are the most kind, respectful, generous, strong man I know. I am so lucky to have had 3 amazing years of celebrating your life with you! I look forward to many many more! 🎂 ❤️

A tradition unlike any other. 💚⁣

Good luck this week baby! @mweirsy

Beyond excited to announce that I am officially doing hair again at my ALL TIME FAVORITE SALON, @salonzazou !! ⁣⁣
I stepped away from the salon when I got the job on Good Things Utah a few years back and have missed it ever since! ⁣⁣
I can honestly say that my spirit needs to be in the salon! I started a month ago and it has truly felt like coming home. I can’t explain it. ⁣⁣
Just feeling so inspired and in alignment these days. Listening to my gut and trying to flow with the energy of my life. It feels amazing! ⁣⁣
Click the link in my bio to check out my pricing and services and call the salon to schedule your appointment at 801-466-2202⁣⁣
Photo cred: @aimeemayphotography⁣⁣
See you soon, lovelies! ⁣⁣💫

For 8 years, my body has been holding on to a word that has been attached to my name by millions of people. The word is “Villain.” ⁣
This word is fully loaded.  It is heavy and hard. It’s negative and degrading. It’s shameful and it has caused me more sorrow than I am willing to admit. When it is activated, it feels like a punch in the gut. I hate it.  And it hates me. ⁣

A year or so ago, I made an appointment to see an energy healer named Suzanne. (@queensuzanne2u )I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but after one session, I knew that she was incredibly gifted.  It took me an entire year of meeting with her monthly, to face this topic. Being the “Villain. “⁣

Suzanne was able to access the energy where I was holding this word and walk me through one of the hardest and most beautiful processes of my life.  I laid on her table and wept from my core. Not just for the pain and betrayal I felt from whom I thought to be my friends, (producers, cast mates) but for that beautiful soul who you see in this photo.  She was brave and bold and confident.  She was also incredibly naive and easily manipulated. She was just trying to figure herself out.  She was a ham, yes. But she was fierce and funny.  I  have been so hard on her.  I have been ashamed of her and her behavior.  Until a few months ago, that is.  I had to mourn her.  I had to forgive her.  I had to love her. ⁣
What happened when I got up from her table was remarkable.  It was relief.  It was love.  It was light and easy.  I cannot and will not deny the contrast I felt after doing this hard emotional work facilitated by a powerful healer. 🙏🏼❤️ I also do not believe I could have accessed this on my own.  It changed me to the core.  That punch to the gut has been removed by what some may call, “emotionally surgery.”

So, my question to you is this: ⁣
What pain are you holding on to? What topic comes up in your life that you constantly want to push away? What traumas are you avoiding?  THAT is where you begin because THAT PAIN IS THE VILLAIN.  Not you.  And most definitely, NOT ME.

I started taking prozac when I was 16 years old after placing my son for adoption. I was so so sad and depressed (for obvious reasons) and I just never stopped taking them (minus the nine months of being pregnant with Brielle). After a bad break up, I added wellbutrin to the mix. A side-effect was weight loss which was awesome! As much as I loved that, it also made it so hard to get off of. Whenever I would try, I would put weight on and it would spin me back into depression so I just decided to keep taking it. Somewhere throughout the years I started taking Phentermine off and on which is prescribed to people who are obese.
I also cycled between Adderall and Vyvance which also made me not eat.
Popping pills was part of my life. I always went to a pill for help with weight loss, energy and happiness. I was totally unconscious about all of it. Then in June of 2017, I felt a strong calling to get off of all of it. It was a sacred calling that I will share with you one day. 😊 So, with the help of @thetawellnesscenter_sandy , I went through their 30 day detox program and over time, weaned off it all. It has truly been one of my biggest accomplishments. I put 10 lbs on, I had no energy and I had to feel really hard emotions. Yet all of it was worth it. I had amazing support from my friends and family which made all the difference. I am literally prescription drug free for what feels like the first time in my life!
What has evolved since then, is what I really want to talk about. 💫Healing💫Once you remove the numbing agent you start feeling, thinking and seeing in a much deeper way! Learning how to feel my emotions has been incredibly difficult. But it has been the cure. Healing from past traumas, childhood wounds, the loss of my father, sexual abuse, being villainized on The Bachelor, placing my son for adoption, divorce… It has been a really rough few years, but what has evolved from that has been life changing. It has changed me to the core and Im ready to talk about it! To be continued...❤️ photo cred to @aimeemayphotography

One of the biggest gifts in my life has been the gift of having a best friend. I have had best friends come and go throughout my life whom I will forever be grateful for. But that one true best friend that comes into your life right when you need them and then never leaves...that’s your true BFF! Most of you know mine! Her name is Laura Armstrong @lovebylaura 👯‍♀️ she is magical. She is loyal. She is hilarious. She is always there. I am so grateful for her! We started a YouTube channel almost 8 years ago ( @mmandlshow )that has been the most amazing documentary of our friendship! We are so grateful for the love we have received from all of our subscribers throughout the years! If you don’t already follow and subscribe, now is the time! We are doing some amazing giveaways over on our Instagram that you don’t want to miss out on! Head on over and check out todays giveaway and stay tuned for tons more this month! If you are lucky enough to have a BFF, I highly recommend starting your own @youtube channel! It is such an amazing way to document your life and friendship! 🦋 🦋🦋🦋

My Forever Valentine ❤️ @mweirsy

The last few months I have been consciously trying to talk less and listen more. When you feel the impulse to speak up, insert your opinion or explain yourself, try NOT doing that. Sit in the feeling of what occurs when you don’t. What comes up may surprise you. It has for me undoubtedly. Consciously listening to others on a deep and genuine level is incredibly profound. But listening to yourself... your emotions and feelings... regardless of how uncomfortable it can be, is where transformation happens. Understanding the urge to do what we do is important. The only way to understand why you are truly doing something is to stop doing it and see how that feels. Sit in it. Absorb yourself in it. Feel it. Own it. There is truth underneath it all. And as they say, the Truth will set you free. Anyway...sorry for being so quiet. Just trying to do a bit more listening in my life. #awareness #intentions #consciousness #listen #mindfulness #understanding #truth

I’ve been trying to keep things more natural these days. I took out my extensions (don’t hold me to this) and have been wearing very little makeup, if any. I have spent the last few months really trying to love on my skin, face, and body. And guys... I truly feel like my skin looks better without makeup! 🙊 I also have an amazing man who encourages my “natural beauty,,” ❤️ so that helps.
I know many people struggle with their skin and I just wanted to let you know that using @livecrude has truly helped not only my skin, but thousands of others as well. If you aren’t familiar with the oil cleansing method, click the link in my bio and I’ll break it all down for you! Plus I have a discount code for 20% off! MONEY20 Feeling beautiful in your bare skin is so empowering regardless of how it may look to others. I hope you all know how beautiful you are without one drop of makeup! #livecrude #skinisin

I wanted to show you a few before and after photos of some of the women who have taken my course. ➡️ They are amazing, no doubt. But what I wish you could see is the before and after of their confidence. When I teach The Money Method it always blows my mind how grateful women are to learn that they can change the way they feel even more so than the way they look. Women want and need to feel beautiful on the inside, and it starts by changing the way you think. ⁣⁣
If you are ready to begin the new year transforming from the inside out, I would love to help. I am so excited to be teaching this course LIVE in January so we can start the year with a new mindset, new makeup look, and a new community of amazing women who all believe in the power of inner beauty. ⁣⁣
If you'd like to join us, click the link in my profile to take $30 off your registration fee with the code MONDAY. Class begins January 3rd!

This last week has been so emotional. I haven’t been able to adequately express how devastating it has been having Mike’s daughter, Elle, out at Pepperdine amidst the chaos and tragedies. Waking up to the news of the shooting and not being able to get ahold of Elle was so frightening. For about 5 minutes, Mike and I were not certain she was alive. It was awful. Knowing that there are families who were not as lucky as we were to get the news that their child was safe and sound in their dorm room pains me every time I think about it. So senseless. So heartbreaking. Then, the following day, we received a call that Elle and the students at Pepperdine were asked to evacuate and hunker down in the gym as raging fires were destroying the entire county. Elle had very spotty cell service and we were not certain that the school was doing the right thing by keeping them all on campus. Seeing all the devastation on the news was so frightening. Not being able to be there and protect her was so hard for Mike. We flew out to LA and had her and some of her friends pack up and we brought them back home. Safe and sound. Remembering all the while that there are parents who aren’t able to share the relief we feel now. It’s all so sad. Again, not quite able to express the emotions adequately. Just grateful. Hold your kids extra close if you can. Sending all my love to everyone affected by both the shooting and the devastating fires. Looking forward to a new week. ❤️

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