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Michelle Lou Lan  MeshYoga, Maui Teacher Training Program from June 3rd-June 24th


You can love many people in your lifetime, searching for your one true love. But an awakened man or woman learns how to listen to their heart, to follow the soul’s promptings and not the advice of the ego-mind. Ego always wants the easy way out. It has a plan. And it’s not for your highest good. It coerces you to pursue a partner for all the wrong reasons. And it wants to camouflage how real love works by stimulating your senses and making you feel good.

Now, whilst there is nothing wrong with feeling good at the time, it doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on your long-term happiness and the survival of your relationship. The soul’s way is different. The soul works in collaboration with the divine. It looks at the heart and decides who your perfect life partner is, someone who will love you unconditionally, someone who adores you, someone who will pour out so much love upon you that it will be difficult to take it all in. It creates beauty from the inside out.

And never think that love in itself is not enough, because it is. Love will find a way to overcome every obstacle. It will produce the environment to resolve all issues. And ultimately, it will help you write your own happily-ever-after story. Choose wisely, go within, and listen to your soul.

Your convictions are what make you who you are. Never looking back. 🛫

🔗: Action Card
How many times has either a loved one, teacher, or stranger told you something you thought you were listening to but in fact you were not?
As a teacher, my role pushes me to show up for my students and have patience at all times. Often, I find myself mentioning the same thing over and over again to a student, hoping they will receive the information differently and change. And while It is my job to remind my students of certain things, guide them and provide tools it is not my job to force them to change.
Whether a teacher, parent, or even a partner, these roles can be frustrating especially when changes are not made from the other side. Even after the countless times we have been told to not have expectations, in these frustrations, we create them. We must remember and teach, the only way to truly evoke change is through mindfulness. When we really put intentions into each action the change will begin to happen.


Some people land in your heart and never take off again.

🔗: Change
During an interview, I once was asked, “Do you think the age difference of your generation will be given more chances?
With some thought, I said, “No. We have all been very young. We have all been 18. We have all wasted time. Some of us have wasted more time than others. The people that will find more chances or opportunity, will be the people that decide to wake up during this time and change by action.” We live our life by our choices. We can make a choice and act now, or we can make a choice to act later. It depends on when we truly want to do it.
Too many people think change requires time. Any time they think about change they automatically think about the future. Too often I hear, “I will change…He might change…Things can change.” The truth is, if we make a choice to change and act on it, change can happen in a moment. It only takes one committed thought to quit something like smoking. By our will to make a decision and put it into action, we prove that change is happening NOW.
Don’t ever think change will happen tomorrow. Create more chances and opportunities for yourself by making changes now.

🔗: My Goal
I often work with students that feel judged by the older generation of yogis and practitioners. Older yoga generations constantly make a big deal about the newer generation and how they practice yoga. Because of this, labels exist where students are put into a box and told that yoga should be this way or that way.
As I have been reading through the submitted teacher training applications, I can see how these judgements and set limitations have translated to students. There has been confusion around students answering what style of yoga they practice and what they like most about that style.
To each of you I can say, it is okay to be confused. We will be embarking on this teacher training journey to explore, develop and learn. As you continue to fill out your applications, I want to know more about your expectations, your curiosities, your desires. This journey is not to build a box that your style must fall within, nor will it create any specific labels.
At MeshYoga, there is a strong principal to stay curious. ‘CREATE YOUR OWN ART’ will set the theme of the upcoming Teacher Training. As a teacher, I want you to be curious all the time. I want you to keep asking questions during the trainings until you find your “aha” moment. Never hold back in fear, it is my job to shape each of you. The goal is for you to challenge and be curious about the work as it drives your creative awareness and creates your own expression of yoga art. Curiosity is the key to the door that unlocks knowledge.

Where Are All My Meshes From?

🔗: My Yang
Within each of us, male or female the Yin and Yang balances. When we connect with one another in partnership and share that balance together, our relationship expands and we can truly dive deep into our connection.
In the times we feel our relationships collapsing, intimacy failing, and cheating happening, our partnership yang is not in balance. When we fail to balance that connection with our partner, and choose to not invest the needed energy and time, we both will remain on the surface of the shallow splashing water. Sometimes we choose this, as it is lot easier than diving deep into the waters of connection.
Today, where there are so many options, it has become harder to commit romantically or let ourselves develop a lasting connection. We are constantly on the move, thinking there is a better option to come. But what if for a moment, we stopped complaining about not having the right connection with someone. What if instead we realize, we have spread our romantic energy too thin and have never allowed ourselves to do the work of investing in one person. When do we stop letting our fears of commitment drive our decisions of vulnerability? When does our search end and we commit to one love?

Anything seems possible until you get out of bed 〰

I am humbled by the amount of applications I have reviewed for the upcoming MeshYoga Teacher Training beginning on June 3rd with me. Myself along with my team have been working hard sifting through several applications submitted from students all over the world. With students attending from distance places such as Japan, Australia, and Costa Rica, I am full of gratitude. I can’t wait to share with each of you what MeshYoga is all about.
With only 5 spots left to fill, get your application in soon! Email info@meshyoga.com for the details

🔗: Layers
Layer by layer, I take my time to look inward. Always exploring, I have so much more to discover. The more I explore, the more I feel there is so much more underneath. I travel from the shallow waters of the surface that I do not judge and choose to dive deep into the depths of the ocean looking for more.
I have not always been an explorer of my soul. As I discover more and more layers I contemplate, if I can be in a space like this, what does that say about the dimensions that make up the universe? We stand here, in our world, our dimension of material things and consume ourselves with thoughts of self, fear and worry. Here, in this layer we are addicted to instant gratification and surface measurements of happiness. How do we move on?
Because each of us has our own experience of this layer, we must be mindful and put our attention into the micro layers. We must think about each word, each bite, and each sip with intention in order to move on to the next. In our mindfulness, we can craft our own unique map of layers and dimensions to explore. Each of our courses will be very different, yet one in the same as we attract one another and connect in deeper layers and dimensions.

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