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Michelle Lou Lan 🌹  Founder of @MeshYoga


As many of you know I love to design beautiful yoga pants and dresses, but I also love to design beautiful Kimonos.

I started to design kimonos three years ago and am launching my new collection at the end of this year, just before Christmas.

If you have bought my kimonos before you know that I am inspired by beautiful, sensual colors and amazing fabrics like french silk. My designs have always been influenced by gorgeous Hawaiian hues, however, as I have grown and evolved in my own life I have recently gravitated towards one singular beautiful flower, the rose 🌹. I love, love, the smell of rose. It is currently the only scent I wear, use in my body lotions and scent my rooms with. Everything smells of rose.

Rose is beautiful and delicate and healing. Rose is romantic. Her soft petals reminds me to be gentle and feminine while her thorned stems remind me to be strong and protect what is sacred. The intoxicating aroma has been opening my heart and helping me to clear space. I recently learned after enjoying rose for weeks that she is the queen of all oils holding the highest frequency, helping to expand our capacity for self-love, self-compassion, and self-nurturing and was the favorite scent of Queen Cleopatra.
I believe this beautiful flower, with her exquisite essence, has helped me to create my most sensual kimonos yet.

Wearing @meshyoga

Morning practice next to my BoBo, his butt is huge hahaha!

Wearing @meshyoga

Passionate love doesn’t end on that day, but the crazy and obsessional high period does. The rider regains his senses and can, for the first time, assess where the elephant has taken them. Breakups often happen at this point, and for many couples that’s a good thing. Cupid is usually portrayed as an impish fellow because he’s so fond of joining together the most inappropriate couples. But sometimes breaking up is premature, because if the lovers had stuck it out, if they had given companionate love a chance to grow, they might have found true love.
True love exists, I believe, but it is not—cannot be—passion that lasts forever. True love, the love that undergirds strong marriages, is simply strong companionate love, with some added passion, between two people who are firmly committed to each other. Companionate love looks weak in the graph above because it can never attain the intensity of passionate love. But if we change the time scale from six months to sixty years, as in the next figure, it is passionate love that seems trivial—a flash in the pan—while companionate love can last a lifetime. When we admire a couple still in love on their fiftieth anniversary, it is this blend of loves—mostly companionate—that we are admiring.
💋 from @meshyoga
Shoot by @frankiebees

We want the rock hard abs without paying close attention to what we eat.
We want to learn to dance without putting in the hours to practice.
We want to write more but we can't say no to fun social activities.

Turns out, we have to choose — and making choices is part of the responsibility of being an adult.

What are you willing to sacrifice?
What's that thing you've been wanting to do but just haven't been able to "find the time"? Better health?
More creative output?
More time with your kids?

Now consider that you can't just add it to your life, because your life is already full. I don't meant that your calendar is literally full (although it may be) but I mean that your life is already running at max capacity, so if you want to add something, you'd have to also take something out.

So what do you want to take out? What are you willing to sacrifice to get the thing you want?

Sometimes if we're honest with ourselves we realize we're not willing to sacrifice anything for the thing we want, in which case we can just stop beating ourselves up and move on with our lives.

But other times we realize that while it may be painful, we are actually willing to give up something like some socializing with friends, or traveling, in return for the things we want — because the thing we want is worth it.
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“13 dimension” 👽💧👽My watch, my keeper of time. It’s ticking hands, my reminder that time has past, and time will come. This perfect guardian of time will never share the present with me.
I once considered getting a different kind of watch. I saw it there, without the ticking hands. Its face painted with floating sparkles and fancy dust. I stared, getting lost in its details until I heard, “Time is just an illusion. Humans create time.” I recently went on a beautiful special journey to a place where time did not exist. I entered another dimension where my soul was able to separate from my body, and whisk me through layers of space and sources of energy. In this other dimension, I have found a powerful massive world draped in silky dark purple where I did not recognize humans nor create a past or a future. Its vast space exists without plans, without questions, and without answers. It’s here, I can experience the power of now, the present and GO! - - -

Round and round they go - then BOOM! This animation begins with the final moments of two neutron stars (the super-dense cores of exploded massive stars), whirling around each other in a galaxy 130 million light-years away. Gravitational waves (rippling disturbance in space-time, shown here as pale arcs) bleed away orbital energy, causing the stars to move closer together and merge.
As the stars collide, this explosive event emits light across a series of different wavelengths - first gamma rays (magenta), then ultraviolet (violet), then visible and infrared (blue-white to red) and once the jet directed toward us expanded into our view from Earth, X-rays (blue).
Credit: @NASAGoddard/CI Lab

🎃As a girl I always had a big imagination. If I feel bored I don't read, I day dream. I fantasizing. In this reality my favorite holiday is Halloween. On Halloween you can be and dress up any way you want, no judgement, because it is Halloween. Devil, angel, cat women...OMG I love that the young Michelle can come out and play freely.

On Maui I didn't get a chance to celebrate Halloween. Last Halloween was extremely sad! I had my tiger outfit all planned and was excited to party, but my friends cancelled last minute. One girl was sick, another girl said she had school work and could't go, but second day I found out she had gone out without me...🤧 I was crying like a baby to my best friend on the phone in NY. "Oh Jenny, Life on Maui sucks, why do people have to lie? No one likes me on Maui.😢" She said "Michelle, I love you, I'll dress up like a tiger with you and we can FaceTime." My sweet friend. It touched my heart.
So, this year after moving to LA with the right people I am going to two Halloween parties to make up for the last two years 😈😬!
If you want to imagine, what do you think I am going to be?

This is how I feel recently LOL! Well, the picture depicts a boy handing from a tree branch with many different ways to die.

1. A snake hangs from the tree waiting to strike if he goes right.
2. A lion roars hungrily on the ground, near the tree if he tries to go that way.
3. Two crocodiles with giant jaws waiting in the water – seems like they won’t even let him reach the water before tearing him to pieces.
4. There is a gun near the tree. We can use it.

What plan can you give the boy to save his life? Hah! I will give a number of solutions on my next post, but later ;-)

Gandhi called it the “fetish of consistency” and had this to say about it when confronted with his own tendency to change his mind. “My aim is not to be consistent with my previous statements on a given question, but to be consistent with truth as it may present itself to me at a given moment.” What a deep practice it is to examine the truth in every moment.

It demands that we completely let go of our past, let go of what we’ve thought, or said, and be in an intimate relationship with the truth of this moment.

It’s no wonder we avoid doing this, it’s extremely hard. It’s much easier to maintain an old belief and use our confirmation bias to collect evidence for why that’s still true.

It seems that what we hope to celebrate when we speak of consistency is not necessarily one’s ability to hold on to their opinions, but rather their ability to not waiver in the face of pleasing others.

This is what I believe Gandhi was hoping to address when he pointed out that we have mistakenly placed consistency on a pedestal. Consistency is not the value we should celebrate, rather we should seek to find more useful values such as authenticity and courage.

How strange it would be of me to hold to a set of beliefs so dear that I would have to constantly try and defend them. What would be the good in that? Not only would it prevent the chance that my followers would grow with me, but I would certainly get bored and quit.

Do I write about certain subjects more than others? Could someone point to trends in my thinking? Yes, but that trend happens after the fact, it’s not an intention.

In place of consistency as a value, I’ve chosen to see the ability to hold multiple perspectives as something I strive for.

In my experience, that improves my quality of life because it moves me closer to connection and compassion for other humans. It stretches my mind and keeps me from the all-too-familiar habit of needing to be right.

Imagine how much more time we could spend being curious, if we weren’t afraid of someone poking holes in our rigidly held opinions.

Imagine how free we would feel if we never needed to be right.

I don't know about you, but I have always collected and kept things from my past. Pictures, letters, things, memorabilia from relationships, work, training and more... It's just the way I have always been. I'm a visual and tactile person. I like to see and reflect things.
Recently I have been cleaning up a lot of stuff in my life. I've given away a lot of clothes, shoes that I don't use anymore. I've deleted hundreds of pictures from my computer and burned old letters and memorabilia that I have been holding onto for years. This is new for me, but I am lightening my load. I am becoming lighter. I am letting go. I realize that the past is important. It will always teach me my lessons. However, I realize I can hold onto these lessons, without the need to hold onto the pain. I don't need it to weigh me down or hold me back anymore. If I hold onto everything my house will be bursting at the seams, there will be no room for anything new. It’s time to give the house a lot of space so the door can be open for the new things or nothing but fresh air to come in. It’s time to look forward, not back. It’s time let go of the past and give more space for the future. Keep Meshing...

Getting ready for Yoga 😂 #BitchFaceDontCare #GoodHeartedGirl


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