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When you notice your booty slowly growing 👏🏽🙏🏽 last year I was at my lowest weight I’ve ever been, just in case you guys are wondering I’m 5’2” and weighed about 115 lbs all of last year. I wasn’t good with my diet and I didn’t have a set plan, goal, or schedule for my workouts. This year I’m making it a priority for me to grow mentally and physically. I’m making sure I’m eating a lot more and eating a lot cleaner, so I can make the gains I’ve always wanted. I’ll have a new video uploaded either tomorrow or Thursday with a small try on haul since I’ve noticed a lot of you guys like that and of course some footage from my leg day! Also I want to sell some gently used clothes, any suggestions on where to sell/would you give be interested in purchasing any of my pieces? #youtuber #youtube #fitnessmotivation #fitness #bootybuilding

My back, shoulders, and biceps are so sore today but I can’t wait to get back to the gym tomorrow and kill the booty and legs! If you guys haven’t seen my newest video yet, the link is in the bio! Also huge thanks to my friend @desiferguson for working out with me the last few days and motivating me! #fitness #fitnessmotivation #youtube

Just uploaded a new video on how you guys can build some sexy shoulders and toned legs, you guys can find the link will be in the bio! I’ve been doing so well with eating better and training harder, I can’t wait to continue to come out with more content for you guys! Only a few subscribers away from hitting 1K on YouTube and call me cheesy or lame but I am so damn happy and humble to know that there are that many people out there who even like my channel or content so thank you again for the support, I really do appreciate it! #youtuber #fitness


Had a good upper body day with my girl @desiferguson today, excited to go back and kill abs and HIIT tomorrow. If you guys haven’t seen my recent try on haul and how to build a booty the link is in the bio! I’ll most likely film as well so if you guys have any request or want to see anything else on my channel let me know! #fitness #youtuber

When the left side parting only looks good on me in Snapchat pictures. Lol this selfie is most likely not going to stay on here long but I needed to post something to let ya’ll know I UPLOADED A NEW VIDEO, and the LINK IS IN THE BIO💕 going to make it a goal to film and upload more often for 2018 #youtuber #catfish #snapchat #catfishing #filter #noshame

Eh I’ll fill this part out later. Lol for now here’s a headshot from today’s shoot with my photographer Eddie 🌲 #headshot #Riverdale #archiecomics

It’s been one long stressful month for me but I’m finally feeling a lot better. I’m slowly getting over this cold and bronchitis I’ve had earlier this week and got in a work out since being MIA from the gym the last 3 weeks. It was much needed though because I feel refreshed and motivated to get back into the groove of things. Also, huge shout out to my friend/photographer Eddie for helping me shoot some last minute headshots. #headshots #youtuber #winterishere #riverdale

GO WISH MY BEST FRIEND @nastassiafitness A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎊🎂🎈🎁🎉 LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤️ #youtuber #sisters #bootybuilders

Does anyone else love Riverdale and Stranger Things as much as I do? Been way too obsessed with these two shows lately that I keep replaying all the seasons over and over again. Lol I will get on one of those shows one day and be the happiest gal ever, anyways I’m back and just uploaded a Black Friday shopping trip and haul on YT. Link will be in the bio as usual ❤️ #youtuber #riverdale #fangirl #dungeonsanddragons

Had a really good day with my best friend @nastassiafitness we hit full body but mainly focusing on the 🍑 of course. Spent 4 hours at the gym today and it felt great to be back at a place we enjoy spending time at. Currently editing so I will have a new video up tonight or tomorrow for you guys ❤️ #youtube #youtuber #bootybuilder #bootybuilding #bodybuilding #bodybuilding #fitness

Uploaded a new video on where to find Lululemon dupes! Link will be in the bio! 🍑 had a good leg day with sissy @nastassiafitness excited to go to this new gym and get more comfortable. Nothing else to say because I’m currently dead rn 😂 #youtuber #youtube #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmotivation #bootybuilder #bootybuilding #bodybuilding #bodybuilder

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