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Michelle Gutierrez!  probably somewhere makin friends ▲▼∴▲▼∴▲▼∴

missin deez sweet lil nuggets!!!!!!

ahhhh just got out of my ochem midterm and a 4 hr lab so throwin it back to a happier meesh and brighter days #stillhappytho

leave it to us to cruise up to bear at 10pm make a quick pit stop at Whiskey Daves and then proceed to climb our drunk asses to the highest lift in Southern California at 3 in the morning ahahaha mad shout out to @justin__stover for not lettin us bitch out @timhatesinstagram for holding the beer and @tmccurry20 for sliding 20ft down the mountain n keepin shit interesting ahahahaha

!!!!! dunno how it's already been a year but dammit I love you and all the stupid shit that we do, lucky as hell that you love me too🌹

just enjoyin the guilt-free, bad habits of a summer break w my best friend

took me about a week n some change to recover but it was a good barfday #21

lol only a goob would cry on her birthday ahahah I feel so loved and so full of love. my b for puttin u thru twelve hrs of labor on your birthday 21 years ago, but at least we have this day of our very own to share for the rest of our lives, happy birthday mom 🌹

time is tricky. you have whole months even years when nothing changes a speck when you don't go anywhere or do anything or think one new thought. and then you get hit one day or an hour or half a second when so much happens it's almost like you got born all over again into some brand-new person u for damn sure never expected to meet


Ashley you're as wild as ever never change

these kind souls found a phone on the rooftop and returned it to its' idiot owner, creating a smile so big that if u tried to wipe it off my face it just smeared. also CHON was sick as fooockk stoked I caught em before finals leave me weeping in a corner

ahahahaha from living on ur hammock in riverside, baking cupcakes while rolling spliffs, runnin up to live in Berkeley for summer, all the way to watching some dude shove a pride flag up his butt ahahah I can easily say u are the first person who radically changed my life when I got to college, an inspiration to most and a friend to all I hope you have a fantastic birthday bc u are a fantastic human

a very warm happy birthday to this rad gal!!!!! I've grown to love you so much in such little time so bummed ur dippin to UCLA but also STOKED AS HELL FOR YOU BABYGIRRRLLL can't wait to visit ya and get stupid in a new place ahahahha hope ur day was as solid as this lil presentation of a few things that make my life that much better 💕

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