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Michelle ✨  Does cosplay, pretends to be cool


“I want adventure in the great-wide somewhere, I wanted more than I can tell, for once it might be grand to have someone understand, I want so much more than they’ve got planned~” 🌹✨

I wasn’t planning on having this anytime soon but looky look! My first try at my Alyssa cosplay from the end of the f**king world :D I showed my parents the jacket she wore and my dad was like “wow I got one of those!!” And so behold his 30 years old jacket that can totally work as a good Alyssa jacket alt! I didn’t straighten my hair because I was lazy 😂 I will cosplay her dress and wig outfit for real because I love that aesthetic so much! Okay long caption bye bye 👋🏻 ( #theendofthefuckingworld #theendofthefuckingworldcosplay #cosplay #closetcosplay #alyssa #alyssaCosplay #idkwhatelsetotag)

This picture is so dramatic but I only once posted Hermoine so HI ENJOY ✨💫 { #hermionegranger #hermione #harrypotter #harrypottercosplay #cosplay #emmawatson #hpcosplay #hp #whatelsetotag #costest #wand #prisonerofazkaban }

You know I like a wig when I go all wannabe model on it 💁🏻‍♀️ also it looks so shiny cuz of the flashlight I promise in real its v pretty and v realistic { #wig #wigisfashion #redwig #ariel #arielcosplay #itsnotevenarielcosplayyetbutdoitforthelikes }

LOOK I GOT A NEW WIG AND ITS BEAUTIFUL ❤️ I wanted to cosplay Ariel from the start and finally decided to do it and this wig is perfect for it and also v red which was the hair colour I wished I had five years ago so past Michelle is living the dream 😎 { #wig #wigisfashion #redwig #ariel #arielcosplay #itsnotevenarielcosplayyetbutdoitforthelikes }

JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON 🍾 2017 was a pretty good cosplay year tho omf but in 2018 I definitely want to make more cosplays than I did this year! I definitely want to do more Amy and do a proper Hermoine shoot (since those are in my most liked) and make lots of new cosplays! I already have a few in mind I wanna do 🤔😏 thank you to everyone who followed me and liked my posts and commented I wouldn’t have continued with this account if I didn’t get constant motivation 😂 and an early happy 2018 to all of you!! #cosplay #bestnine #lotsofcosplays #dontknowwhattotag

Can’t believe I haven’t posted this picture yet of me meeting the queen last summer at LFCC 👑💕

MERRY CHRISTMAS ITS CHRISMS MERRY CHRYSLER MERRY CRISIS (for who follow me on my personal yes i posted it here too but its a dog so its v good) #christmas

Getting my Joyce game going with the christmas lights 😎 MERRY ALMOST CHRISTMAS

One day I need to make an actual cosplay of Joyce cuz gotta love her 🎄[ #strangerthings #strangerthingscosplay #cosplay #closetcosplay #cosplaywip #joycebyers #joycebyerscosplay ]

Look I got Eleven her SA watch!! Lets all cheer for me getting a watch 😂 I know its just a watch but I feel like it makes the cosplay look cooler so thats why I decided to make a post of it 😎 okay have a good day bye 🙉⌚️

Some very white Star Wars cosplay pictures for you BECAUSE STAR WARS 🗡 <- that’s a lightsaber also dont kill me because I barely post I am just v busy with school 😩 [ #starwars #starwarscosplay #cosplay #princessleia #princessleiacosplay leiacosplay ]

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