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Michell ✊🏾 ⚡️  LetMyPeopleGLO⚡️ Don't read my captions. DC-based influencer. Creator of artisticmanifesto.com. 📩michell@shade.co


People always ask me what a #ViewsFromTheGrits party is like. I tell em it's like a combination of when the beat drops on "Father, Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1" and that DJ party from Juice that Q was spinning at. Really, the best way to get a feel for what it's like is to come find out for yourself.
This @brunchnoir video from our last party is about as close as you can get to experiencing the real thing. Yes, my eyes were open at some point during the event. Brunch tickets get you 1 hour open bar, bottomless brunch from @chefcisero, and the day party with music by @malcolm_x and @djnitecrawler.🔥
Click the link in my bio to get your tickets for Views From The Grits: Homecoming Edition. October 21st, 6-11PM at @styvesdc. ⚡️

I'm really treating life like a mad science experiment right now. Destroying and rebuilding and destroying again. I've been blessed to accomplish a lot in life thus far, but I want to continue to become more aligned with my purpose as I progress. That being said, today I feel like my life purpose is to advocate for the condiment truther movement and remind you all that ketchup is in fact garbage. As a member of the moderately boujee subculture, I am here to remind you that what you accept is what you encourage. Don't settle for corn syrup and tomato paste. Alloweth your cup to runneth over, my guy. Yeah, we've got some difficult days ahead. But I've been to the mountaintop. They got hoisin sauce, garlic aioli, and harissa up there at all the mountaintop brunch parties. And I don't mind.
📸 @bofields

🗣 We back. On October 21st, 2017, @brittwright_ and I are taking #ViewsFromTheGrits into uncharted territory.
Come have dinner for breakfast with us at St. Yves, a beautiful venue in the heart of DuPont Circle. @chefcisero will make sure that the bacon is crispy, the waffles are fluffy, and the grits is to die for. .
Views veterans @malcolm_x and @djnitecrawler will keep the vibe just right as we gradually transition from "sipping mimosa" vibes to "why am I standing on this couch" territory. .
Homecoming season in DC is full of unforgettable moments. Let's make some new ones, together. Don't wait until tickets sell out and end up at home singing "Marvin's Room" alone cuz you couldn't get into the function. Purchase your ticket now via the link in my bio. Get $10 off brunch tickets for a limited time with the 'VIEWS' discount code.⚡️
Flyer design: @carmelomarcus

Don't tell me to open my eyes unless you got a check for me.

Why you bother me, when you know I need coffee? Thankfully, the new @mcdonalds #McCafe espresso menu has all the options I need to stay satisfied during 9 to 5 hours, and the weekend. The hot Caramel Macchiato keeps me energized, refreshed, and 97% unbothered. #sponsored

I'm working on it.

Sometimes life hits you in the chest, but you always gotta bounce back. I came to New York this week for an event that would constitute one of the biggest opportunities of my career. That event was pushed back indefinitely only hours before it was supposed to start. I'm dissapointed (duh), but am still choosing to believe that I can bounce back and make this trip worthwhile.
I'm in the city, and I'm ready to work. I'm a content creator, influencer, and social media coach with a niche that lies at the intersection of hip-hop, entrepreneurism, and social media marketing. If you know of a tangible way that I can bring value to a person, brand, or company while I'm up this way, drop me a line. hello@michellcclark.com
📸 @mrr360

.@brckhmptn is a self-described All-American Boy Band, which makes the way they rage against the machine even more glorious. Their #Saturation2 album is incredible, and the diverse, attention-grabbing production is just the tip of the iceberg. What I love the most about Brockhampton is that they're unafraid to be the villains, rebels, and deviants that mainstream America loves to blackball. The millennials that Gen X-ers love to shame. This project is full of raw, vulnerable, uncomfortable truths and the consequences of those truths. This project is a reminder that we all have dark memories we wish we could erase. It's also a reminder that the way we react to those memories is up to us. ⚡️
Personal favorite tracks: "Teeth," "Junky," and "Queer." What are your favorites? How do you feel about the project? Leave me a comment and let me know! 🗣

Yeerrrrrrrr. 🗣 I'm in New York this week, for one of my biggest opportunities yet. New York trips are always at least 65% unpredictable, so I'm open to new possibilities. ⚡️ Interests include: eating, taking pictures within 48 hours of a crisp shape up, eating, debating which Kanye West album is almost as good as Late Registration, eating, and picking up/dropping somewhat heavy weights. 😤 I'm not gonna make any promises, but if you have suggestions for what I should get into, hit me - hello@michellcclark.com. If you spam me, I'm gonna delete your email and Ima make it look sexy. 🕺🏾
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Extremely appreciative of my feature on @rollingout for my work as an influencer and social media coach. Thank you for taking the time, @hotlaina_. Link to the article is in my bio. ⚡️

I've finally arrived at a season in my life where the work is starting to feel like play. I had to take a lot of risks. I failed. I spent years trying to figure it out. I blamed myself for mistakes that I made and circumstances that I couldn't control. I sacrificed my social life to focus on putting the pieces into place. I lost sleep wondering if I would ever find my purpose. I don't have all the answers, but I'm not scared of the uncertainty anymore. I transitioned from saying "maybe one day" to "it's only a matter of time," and I'm never going back. ⚡️
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A sign of the times. "Trumpster Fire" by the amazing @merimartusa. Nujabes playing in the background. ⚡️#merimart

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