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Michele Pred  Swedish-American conceptual artist and activist. Sculpture, assemblage and performance. For Freedoms artist. @we_vote_parade

Thanks so very much to @heatherzises and @johngosslee for including me in this amazing book that includes several of my female art heroes! ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏾
@50cwa #50cwa #feminstasfuck

Trying to get around NYC this evening has not been easy!

The power of art influencing change in our society! Congrats to the entire @forfreedoms team! I’m so honored to a part of this initiative!
#Repost @hankwillisthomas
Literally a dream come true @time @forfreedoms @peacegina @emilyshur @wyattgallery @ericgottesman @paulmoakley thank you so much! Still rubbing my eyes! #forfreedoms #freedomofworship #fourfreedoms #50stateinitiative

Join me on Saturday at @nancyhoffmangallery!! I’m thrilled and very honored to be included in this book that includes so many incredible women including @judy.chicago @kara_walker_official @mickalenethomas @zoebuckman @anateresafernandez @marilynminter and so many more!!! Book by @heatherzises and @johngosslee @forfreedoms #FeministAsFuck #IntersectionalFeminist #mybodymybusiness #michelepred #forfreedoms

Thanks! @victoriamoyeno ✊🏾✊🏼✊🏽
@michelepred “Vote Feminist”
My body, my business.
This was easily one of my favorite exhibits, surely my favorite political one. The idea of using fashion as a platform to showcase your political views and beliefs has been around for some time. However, this protest on today’s unprecedented political culture through key worded, bold-lettered, neon lighted purses is something completely original and so special! It was genius and to say I’m obsessed with these purses is an understatement.

#mybodymybusiness #michelepred

Here is the trailer for our @we_vote_parade video. Thanks to everyone who joined with #radicallove artists include @bud_snow @shireenliane @kristasuh @hballardmartz @wildcatebonybrown @alessandramondolfi @jshefik @molinayvette @Ann.lew.is and everyone else!!! #Wevote ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏾

I'm super honored to be featured today in @DagensIndustri, Sweden's second largest newspaper. Headline reads "The artist who wants to vote out Trump". Thank you to @lookforhook for the fab photos and to Emil Rönnlund for writing the article.
#votefeminist #michelepred

You know what you need to do!! Artwork from my exhibition #VoteFeminist at @nancyhoffmangallery.
#PowerToThePolls #WeVote
@forfreedoms #forfeeedoms

From NYC to Oakland, my latest action. We’ve got this!!! ✊🏾✊🏼✊🏽 #VoteFeminist #GoVote @forfreedoms @hankwillisthomas @we_vote_parade

On Saturday we gathered together for the #WeVoteParad I organized with #RadicalLove to create change!! ✊🏾✊🏼✊🏽 I never imagined that this day would create some much hope and joy. Thank you all who participated!! Especially to my daughter Linnea who lead the parade!!!
📸 1. @lookforhook 2. Tim Hamper 3. @alejcali 4. @lookforhook 5. @alejcali 6. @alejcali 7. @alejcali 8. @alejcali 9. @alejcali
With @molinayvette @honeydavenportofficial @kristasuh @carlenepinto @bud_snow @ann.lew.is @alessandramondolfi @nattybax @shireenliane @ayana.m.evans @wildcatebonybrown @danielabobella @hballardmartz @avery_the_activist @dshrp #WeVote #govote #forfreedoms @forfreedoms @kickstarter
Thanks so much to @nancyhoffmangallery for hosting the reception at my exhibition #VoteFeminist following the parade! cc @hankwillisthomas

Yesterday’s #WeVoteParade was all about creating change via #RadicalLove. I couldn’t be prouder of my daughter Linnea for creating radical love along with me. Many more photos coming soon!

#WeVote #govote #forfreedoms @forfreedoms @kickstarter

Yesterday was a day filled with #RadicalLove thanks to everyone who came out!!! #Repost @alessandramondolfi
I was feeling really guilty about coming to #NYC at such a crucial time but yesterday’s “We Vote Parade: An Artists' Call to the Polls” was truly an inspiring day that filled me much needed hope. A astounding group of artists from all over the country and a few from abroad were brought together by @MichelePred for the most colorful and joyous march I’ve ever been part of. We were joined by people from all walks of life and cheered on by a sea of smiling faces. We got this!
Thank you @lalibrada @juliepeppito @biomurph for being part of this!!! #WeVoteParade #WeVote #GOVT #VoteBlue #Midterm #Elections #BlueWave #NovemberIsHere #VoteThemOut #CreativeResistance #ArtActivism #PoliticalArt
@forfreedoms @kickstarter @dshrp @hankwillisthomas #forfreedoms #weareforfreedoms

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