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Transitioning in life 🐸~ grey tree frog

Springtime again, pond plants are coming back to life, parrots feather after a rainy day. Tiny little drops 💧

Missing summer flowers 💜

A forgotten road.
An old road cut off by change and growth. Time moves on and nature slowly takes over. Broken pavement, uneven lines, and silence fills the air.
The only thing I leave behind is my footprints.

Just a drop 💧

Had another butterfly hatch today. ❤️🐛

Monarch beauty ❤️💛🐛 its wings are still wet
Quite a few years ago my daughter wanted to learn the life cycle of a monarch butterfly. So began our love of monarchs. So that year we ended up releasing over a hundred butterflies. She witnessed a butterfly laying an egg, to the hatching of the chrysalis.
So we were both surprised to find 5 caterpillars at the end of September on our milkweed, late for NC. Not sure if these beauties will make it but crossing my fingers. So far two have emerged and hopefully heading south.

Bumblebee 🐝 ready for your close up?

Happy Friday! One of the two babies that show up at my house everyday. Gotcha in mid chew.

Tiny blue dasher dragonfly 💚💙

The reason I have no parsley 🌱🐛💚 black swallowtail caterpillar

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