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Happy New Year! #2017 🎇🎆

Second Stop: Hong Kong Disneyland ✔️


Godiva's twinsie🍫🍦

11.27.2016; Being my mother for 23 years, and of course many more years of counting. She nags, she yells, she cries, she laughs... but these will never change the love from me towards her. Happy Birthday mommy. We wish you another joyful and wonderful year with full of laughters and happiness! ❤️💕 [P/S: Isaac said "I'm sexy and I know it!!"] 👶🏻👼🏻💃

We found Princess Fiona! 👸🏻☘️

After 5 years, and we decided to meet in a country out of Malaysia👫👫 #bff

Shanghai Disneyland checked! ✅

Almost 10 years of friendship but did not meet for 6 years and it's still counting! Hope our friendship lasts longer than anything!🐰💕

We were at the Canton Fair 2016! (China Import & Export Fair)

她, 是一個一直被我麻煩卻不會不理我的人👭 上機場的時候心已經開始覺得酸酸的, 直到去到機場, 真的要進去的時候, 她隔著欄杆給了我一個溫暖的擁抱, 然後跟我說再見, 我就轉身走向check in櫃檯, 那時眼淚真的不能再忍了, 就真的流出來了. 世界那麼大, 可是卻讓我認識到你, 什麼都不渴望, 只希望我們的友誼可以一直維持下去, 也很感恩你沒有把我忘掉。Dear, 謝謝妳 ❤️

A day at the floating market 🏯