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Michele | Image Consultant✌🏾💜  Ever Creative. Joyfully Intentional. Wife+Mom. Confidence Transformer. Image-Marketing Expert. Mentor to women ready to dress to attract+claim success

:: #HueandStyle Sisterhood takes Florida! 🙌🏾✨My amazing clients here to meet me each other and support their fellow Sister in her new venture. My heart is full. #hsmeetupflorida 💜💜💜

:: Defining moments.✨I talk to my clients about defining moments. They are markers, not just milestones that signal a deep shift - a beginning and an end or an end and then a beginning.

They arrive to you after you been intentional about your personal growth, learning the lessons that get you closer to the truth of yourself and that open you to serve others. They are not always painful, the best ones are joyful and they become an anchor to your next step.

The last two days have been one gigantic wave of a defining moment that has not stopped. It’s one of the longest defining moments I’ve ever experienced. And it’s not over because tonight my beautiful client @dayannavalencianol features me next to a roster of amazing women who have come together to create spark, hope and power in others.

She tells me I was her spark. I was the beacon that lit her wick that let her be open to learn enough about herself to learn how to serve women in her unique way and then to touch the others who are featured too - @jess.broker @archie_coleace_lynn . That openness also allowed her to connect with my other client @envisioncareersuccess to become Sisters born from my #HueandStyle Universe. And she tells me it all began with me.

To say I am honored is not enough. To say I am humbled does it more justice. I simply receive today that the gifts I give those I work with are literally world-changing as effect ripples to my clients’ circles, networks and communities. The feeling heavy and light at the same time - a defining moment of epic proportions.

:: I’m being hosted in the home of my dear client who I’ve known for 2 years and never met in person until last night. Wow. 🤯 Mind-blowing. •
We kept saying, “Is this real life?” We’ve been talking non-stop with no video camera between us. What a magical experience.

Today I’ll welcome another mentorship client flying in from Washington, DC and it will be a #HueAndStyleSisterhood meet-up. And then tomorrow I will be one of the guest speakers at her women’s empowerment event.

I can’t believe this is my life. Is this real life? I am so blessed. 🙌🏾☺️

:: Something I’ve learned, believe, practice and teach others. Maybe it will help you too! ❤️✌🏾 #lifelessons

:: I’ve got to get a week’s work n’play wardrobe in this little baby.

I will be practicing (hard) what I preach and teach my Elite clients about garment planning, color scheming for maximum versatility, function and #HueAndStyle expression.

And then I shall be leaving in a jet plane! ✈️#travelpacking #HSMeetupFlorida

:: “For reals?” My actual reaction when it actually feels like Spring today! 🙃🌸 The snow is melting! 🙌🏾

Leather jacket for my Eclectic dominant personal style story ✔️ Chambray shirt in #HueAndStyle spring color palette ✔️ Statement necklace and a saucy expression to pull it all together.✔️😂 #ootd

:: Imagine what you could do with a Breakthrough.
This morning I lead my Confidence Mindset advanced mentorship program. And WOW, talk about lightening fast personal growth.

Not only were limiting beliefs revealed, they were dismantled, transformed, reframed and in their place replaced by clarity, process and tools.

No one moves forward with old patterns that act like blinders to success or incomplete processes that don’t address the root of our “sticking points” - the mindset traps that keep us going around and around in frustration.

We only drop fear and make bold action when we have a tangible process and a practice of habits to replace it with; simple “motivation” doesn’t cut it. Motivation is fleeting. Action rooted in defined purpose keeps us going - even if we are out of comfort zone.

This morning changed lives - including my own as the mentor since watching the revelations of women freeing themselves through my process to do, be and love more fills me up every single time. #HueAndStyle #mentorship #changinglives

:: This is one of the best inventions ever. #grocerypickup

I am the most time-disciplined person I know. It’s one of my super powers. I can say that with confidence and it’s how I’ve been able to 4x my business in the last 2 years.

I follow my Dad’s advice (again). “Don’t spend dollar time on penny jobs.” So I don’t. I spend dollar time with my family, the women I mentor, priority relationships and on my pursuits that create change. I make the penny jobs very small parts of my week.

I “shop” for my groceries on a Sunday night drinking tea and I pick them up in 10 minutes after my Pilates class every Tuesday. Leaving me more time to the things that really make a difference, the people I invest in and the people that invest in me.

Do you spend dollar time on penny jobs? How’s that working for you? 😉✌🏾 #successtips #womenempowerment

B’s latest cartooning in marker. 😻😸#proudmama #mykidisanartist

:: Heading into a Secret Garden for the @lakelandcollege President’s Gala.

And as always, #HueAndStyle principles in effect. Color palette ✔️ A twist on my personal style story Romantic-Eclectic ✔️ Dress shape to fit and flatter my body ✔️ Having a Strategy just never fails and as I tell my clients, I always “drink my own kool-aid” and practice every single concept and strategy I teach them.

Because....they just plain work. Every. Single. Time.

Have a Fab Friday Night, Folks! 💋✌🏾#ootn

:: Weekend Time, Mikko-Style! 🙃😹#mikkospam

:: It’s Jersey Day at school to honor everything Hockey means to us here - Family, Community, Teamwork - even through the worst. #mourning #humboldt

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