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Michele | #HueAndStyle  Wife + Mom + Int’l Mentor transforming women's image, confidence + mindset to attract their next level of success + joy. Living life colorfully.


When he dresses up...😍 ❤️#MeeshandWistopher

:: It gon’ be a {color} party, y’all!🌈
Details for tonight’s formal fundraiser event. Be clear. There WILL be color. 🤣💜 #HueAndStyle
#cantstopwontstop #colorobessed #colorexpert

:: I dance in the dark but if you watch closely, you’ll catch my Joy - in a snap and two spontaneous smiles. Happy Friday. I hope you catch your Joy today! 😘✨✌🏾#DanceIsJoy #Gratitude

:: Sometimes you need to celebrate the ridiculous awesomeness of yourself.
I did this afternoon with a Honey Tea Latte, a brisk walk in Fall air, some fast moving Grupo Niche salsa in my ears. #imamazing #notafraidtosayit #celebrateyourself #confidence

:: For those that know... you know I have a problem with black boots. 🙄Too many pairs!👢 We live 8 months under snow so I supposed I’m justified.
I broke the mold this fall and went with these @poppybarley Gotham Grey heeled Chelsea’s and, Man, am I glad I did. Still in my #HueAndStyle color palette so they go with everything I own and they are ridiculously comfy too! #win

:: Heading into my client coaching call with a little bit of color. This combo’s psychology is built for inspiring optimism and personal power for the gals finishing this step of their process with me. Let’s see if they know what their color-expert mentor is working with this morning. 🤣💜 #HueAndStyle

:: Sundays are for comfort food in the slow-cooker. Iranian Chicken is cooking in mine for the the next 7 hours. This paprika-turmeric blend with the onions, ginger, garlic and cloves are making my house smell

"Dressing well is not about fashion or vanity. It is about self-expression, self-acceptance, self-love and teaching others how to treat you!" 💜MCG #HueAndStyle

:: When you check your mail and there’s a thank you card from a dear client with the sweetest note about how your mentorship has changed her... Me = 😪 #HueAndStyle #ichangelives

:: Impulse Shopping😱Look. I get it. I do it too. I impulse shop. That excitement of seeing the item, feeling a rush of adrenaline that says, “You MUST own it.” It’s pure raw emotion.
That was me when I saw this Sade sweater! It was a nano second before I had it in my shopping cart and was checking out.
I love Sade. Always have. Would die to see her in concert. Mourn that I was a hint too young to see her in her prime touring days but it doesn’t stop me from knowing every word of her songs.
I bought it on pure emotion. Impulse. I will tell you I don’t do it often. Which is why my closet is so curated in color and personal style story. And it is for that exact reason that I can make a oversized sweatershirt - that I NEVER would have chosen otherwise - work.
Paired with leopard kitten heels and edgy leggings and here we go. Ms. Sade is here with me.
My impulse buys are never a waste of money. They are still curated. Always curated. How about yours? #HueAndStyle

:: We women understand cycles. We go through them all the time. We go through things and come out of things. Here’s something I’ve discovered and share with the women I mentor.
For every time I’ve come through something, it wasn’t because I just “recovered” from that which life had “knocked me down”. I came through because I had “reinvented” a part of myself.
Reinvention is more than simply “healing from” - it’s “changing to.” #mindsetshift When I figured out how I could work this cycle in my favor, no situation - even the most painful losses 😇 - I could put in perspective and use to create new purpose and more impact. They were all just chances to see what reinvention I would make in myself next.
Reinvention is personal - no one can tell you how to do it for you. You can be shown ways and take inspiration but ultimately your way will be a unique solution of your action toward a new you and then when you make a quiet commitment to it, the rest of life shifts to meet your gaze. #magichappens
Wishing you more than recovery. Here’s to your reinvention.

:: It tried to snow this Thanksgiving weekend. So I had to go back in my old camera roll to the brightness of this Topaz beauty and that Cerulean blue sky. #perfectcompliments #HueAndStyle

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