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Dear space monkeys, Despite my terrible cold, I will take some time with the team to show you some progress on BG&E2. Four hours to go ! 🤘🤘🤘

A wonderfull sculpt by @_morgan_yon_art

This is not supposed to happen in the sunny city of Montpellier but that’s really cool ! Photo by @celine_tellier

And...Action ! Two opposite worlds , two huge challenges and two wonderfull teams . WILD - BGE2

Happy , colorful new year !!! #betterlatethannever

BGE2 : Another creepy hybrid in the streets of #Montpellier . That’s an invasion !!! If anyone guess what species it is , just tell me .

BGE2: Hybrids in the streets of #Montpellier !!!

Still a lot to do for the place of women in our society ✊✊✊

Three years ago I was in the crowd protesting against fanatism and more than everything , thinking of its victims . For me , Charlie Hebdo was making no propaganda , no populism , did not wanted to conviced anyone , did not wanted to be loved or popular , they just wanted to express themselves freely and to me , this is the real thing behind the idea of « beeing Charlie »

Rotten BB8 . Not far from my feeling after watching SW8 [spoiler] Why did they removed all the villains ? We need villains , they are parts of what we are . No real excitement for watching the next one . #rotten #starwars8

Overtime at Wildsheep Studio 🦌🦈🌲🦅

BGE2 - playable character by Sebastien du Jeu -

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