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Back from visiting Guerilla Games. One of the most talented group of people I’ve ever seen. After the visit , CEO and art director at Wildsheep Celine Tellier just said « I think I could work here ! ». Best possible compliment ever. Keep on doing the incredible job GG !

For Honor: Kitchen edition !!! #daughterandson

#BGE2 This is not a bad guy.

Few facts about the collaboration with HitRecord: 1- The Goal is to let the fans participate whatever their skills 2- The volonteers will receive money for their contributions. Because it’s fair 3- We have tons of virtual places to let people express themselves. The game can be seen as a virtual museum ! 4- Artists will be credited 5 - The collaboration has absolutely no impacts on the amount of artists working internally. Note: The BGE2 team is hiring !!!!

During E3, I went surfing and built a kitchen . If you need advice for handmade kitchen building, Call Ancel Games&Kitchens 😂😂😂 #relaxingtime #E3@home

I bought the statue of my own game... Couldn’t resist... I also asked @_morgan_yon_art for a Pey’j one... I’m addicted. Please, help !

#BGE2 Shani last version by Pascal Ackermann, a fantastic 3d artist. An important theme for us is identity. This world is made of clones. All clones in bge are registered as numbers and are dedicated to specific tasks. Becoming a space pirate is a way to escape that pre-determined life and become unique. But freedom has a price and the society prefers dealing with quiet clones instead of unmanagable pirates. In BGE, you may recognize the same clones but in various roles and behaviors. They share the same DNA sequence but have chosen very different destinies.

#BGE2 Uma. I love this character. I want this world to showcase diversity. Whatever its gender, origins, age, everyone can bring something, can be someone. The story is not about badass pirates, it’s way more than that, it’s about dreams, it’s about others and ourselves. I’ve always thought that games were not just about combat system, rpg mechanics or puzzle solving, games are about travels and this one has just begun.

#BGE2: Roaming around one of the main doors of Ganesha city

#BGE2 I love playing in that part of Ganesha City where citizens park their space Tuk-tuk vertically !

Real Life size statue of uncle Pey’j. Ready for the behind close door 18mn game demo of #bge2 🤙🤙🤙

#BGE2 gameplay footage of the huge and beautifull city of Ganesha !

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