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LAST DAY to get your spooktacular selections in for “31 Days of Spooks of Sketches” Vol. 6. THE FINAL CHAPTER!
Comment below to leave your favorite/must-see spook you want to see me sketch this October.
Remember. Your selection MUST be Halloween-themed/horror AND available on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Leave as many selections as you’d like. The more the better!
#horror, #horrormovies, #scarymovies, #art, #halloween, #october

Well, it looks like y’all must’ve used the Necronomicon and raised “31 Days of Spooks and Sketches” from its hellish grave!

Yes! That’s right. It’s baaaaaaack!
The FINAL chapter!
For those who are new to my IG account, "31 Days of Spooks and Sketches" is an annual October project where each day features a horror/Halloween-themed film (or show) and is accompanied with a small sketch of a character or scene inspired by that day's selection.
Every year, I’ve asked the IG community to post some of their favourites to help round out my spooktacular selections.
This year, let’s try something different... This year, because you all have made this project so much fun, and incredibly special, I’m giving you all free reign to pick ALL the Spooks for me to sketch!
The first TEN (10) selections will be AUTOMATICALLY added to the list. Every spooky selection after that will be selected at random from a hat. Spooky Selections MUST be in by Saturday September 8th, 2018!

Like last year, these sketched Spooks will be available for purchase on the “Made By Micheal” shop (link in my bio), BUT, there will only be ONE available of each sketch to buy.
These pieces will be up for sale every night in October at 8:00 PM for $15.00 (plus shipping). So, what’s your favorite scary movie?! Comment below to enter, and let’s make this LAST “31 Days of Spooks and Sketches” a haunting good time!

RULES: Your spook MUST be available on Blu-Ray or DVD (I’m old-school like that), and MUST be horror/halloween-themed. .
#horror, #horrormovies, #scarymovies, #artwork, #doodle, #art, #halloween

Leave it buried in its grave for good?
...or resurrect it for ONE LAST hellish run?!

If you missed out on #FanExpo2018 this weekend and had your eye on some art, you’re all in luck.
All my pieces are now LIVE and AVAILABLE in the online shop (link in my bio). There are 16 different 4" x 6" MINIS, featuring some of your favourites from "Game of Thrones", "Stranger Things", "Rick and Morty", "Big Hero 6", "The Walking Dead" and more. (Limited to only 25 of each available)
Also, you can find my 25th anniversary-inspired print for "Jurassic Park", 10th Anniversary-inspired print of "Breaking Bad", "Back to the Future" and "Rick and Morty" all sized 8.5 x11" (Limited to only 10 of each available) ...and for the FIRST TIME EVER I have made my "Home Alone"-inspired art available for purchase.
If you don't see what you're looking for, or wish I had something that isn't there, you can purchase a custom commission! Just select the size of your piece, and charter or characters of choice, and I'll be more than happy to draw it up!

As a special THANK YOU to everyone, if you buy 3 or more 4" x 6" MINIS, use the code: FANEXPO2018 at checkout to receive a 20% Discount. (Offer ONLY applies to 4" x 6" MINIS)


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The #FanExpoCanada2018 hangover is real, but, it was totally worth every minute of it!

This was beyond a rad experience, and I couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who stopped by the @MadeByMicheal booth in Artist Alley all weekend long. And a HUGE thank you to everyone who purchased a print this weekend. There is no doubt in my mind that they are all going to wonderful and amazing homes! So, again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making my first #FanExpoCanada venture such an amazing and unforgettable experience.
To @themelissaanne, a forever thank you for planting the seed last year and giving me the confidence to make all of this possible. None of this would have grown if it wasn’t for your unwavering support and love. Thank you for all the hours, hard work, and dedication behind the scenes, and booth management all weekend long. You truly are the rock who holds it all down. None of this would have been possible without you.
Lastly, thank you to everyone here on social media! You guys and gals are so f*%king rad! Your support is so heartwarming! Keep being rad, y’all!
If you missed out on Fan Expo this weekend and had your eye on some art, you’re all in luck. All my pieces are now LIVE and AVAILABLE on my online shop (link in my bio!). Right now there’s a 20% Discount if you buy 3 or MORE 4” x 6” minis. Use code: FANEXPO2018

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Day Two!
Stop by the “Made By Micheal” booth in Artist Alley (Booth A94)- there’s a ton of #StrangerThings prints for sale, and much, much more!

#Fanexpocanada2018, #fxc2018, #comiccon, #artistalley, #artwork, #toronto, #funkobooth, #fanexpo

It’s real!
Day one at #FanExpoCanada2018.
Stop by the Made By Micheal booth in Artist Alley A94!

#fanexpo, #fxc2018, #toronto, #torontoartists, #comiccon, #artwork, #instaart, #fanart, #artistalley

Totally ready for @officialfxc tomorrow!

Here’s a look at all the fun I’ll be bringing to the “Made By Micheal” booth in Artist Alley all weekend long. There will be 16 different 4” x 6” minis (limited edition of 40 made of each), 4 different 8.5” x 11” biggies - featuring a 10th anniversary homage to #BreakingBad (all limited edition prints of 20 made of each) AND lastly, DAILY ORIGINALS featuring 4 (Four) ALL-NEW 4” x 6” original minis every day. Only ONE made of each, so stop by the “Made By Micheal” booth at A94 in artist alley to get yours!
For anyone not going to #fanexpocanada2018 and wants to get get their hands on any of these prints, we’ll, you might be in luck!
Any pieces that haven’t been sold by the end of the weekend will be up in the shop (link in my bio!) on Monday morning. Stock will be LIMITED!

And if you were looking for something custom, or not featured, custom commission forms will be available at the “Made By Micheal” booth in artist alley at A94 all weekend long! (AND available on the site starting Monday)

So stop by the booth if you’re at FanExpo this weekend! Even if it’s just for a high five!
#fxc2018, #toronto, #artwork, #art, #comiccon, #akira, #strangerthings, #baymax, #backtothefuture, #rickandmorty, #picklerick, #joker, #evildead, #twd, #thewalkingdead, #legobatman, #pennywise, #jurassicpark, #sailormoon, #gameofthrones, #GOT7, #negan, #jonsnow, #ashvsevildead, #doodle

Two months. Every early morning, countless late nights, and any free minute in between spent designing, drawing, inking, re-drawing, inking again, coloring, editing and finalizing every piece.
There’s absolutely no better feeling than getting proofs back from your printer after dreaming up and creating these pieces.

It’s truly a surreal moment right now.

#FanExpoCanada2018, I’m bringing the fun with me to Artist Alley! There will be SIXTEEN 4” x 6” minis, FOUR 8.5” x 11” larger commemorative pieces for sale, and few other surprises that will be unveiled soon! 
Make sure you stop by the “MADE BY MICHEAL” booth located in Artist Alley at A94 August 30th-September 2nd, 2018!
#StrangerThings, #RickandMorty, #SailorMoon, #GameofThrones, #BacktotheFuture, #BreakingBad, #JurassicPark, #Pennywise, #PickleRick, #TheWalkingDead, #JonSnow, #Baymax, #TheJoker, #Batman, #Daenerys, #DarylDixon, #Artwork, #comiccon, #instaart, #drawing, #Toronto, #FanExpo, #art, #doodles, #JurassicPark25, #SteveHarrington, #StrangerThings3

You light up my life brighter than all the candles in this world. You are sweeter than all the cherry-chip cakes this universe has to offer. You truly make every day more special than the last.
To my forever plus one, my date-night darling, the love of my life- Happiest of Birthdays to you, @themelissaanne!
I hope your birthday is filled with tasty tacos, cupcakes and trashy reality TV!

A little magical (early) birthday surprise evening for @themelissaanne. (I hope Voldemort wins this time...or I’m asking for a refund)

After many years attending as just a fan, IT’S OFFICIAL- This year I will be attending #FanExpoCanada2018 as a member of Artist Alley selling a whole slew of my artwork.

This is definitely a huge step out of my comfort zone, however, in order to learn and grow, you have to do things that scare you.
I am truly excited and thankful to have been granted this rad opportunity!

I guess it’s time to head to the drawing board!

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