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Micha Thomas  Certified NLP + Exec Coach, Communications Activist, Creative Director, currently M.A. In Counseling @ Pacifica, 1/2 of @of_the_wolves 🌵🌲🐺lover


Mental health. It doesn't mean mental dishealth, and there should be no stigma attached to the term. It denotes we all have the right to thrive mentally, but to be human means this will not always be the case. If I could give any gift to people I love it would be to feel safe asking for help when they feel as though they can't bear their thoughts and feelings on their own, or to stop them in their tracks when they apologize for their messy humanness, because being human is messy. I know all about thinking it's not ok, growing up in a legacy of shame around mental illness and addiction and a region of the country that supports this notion. It's utter crap, and secret keeping makes the dysfunction deeper. I hope you ask for help today, on #worldmentalhealthday . You can ask me. Image from @thisisnatalie

And now I am subsisting on this. Thanks @sakara for including Lu and I as experts in your 4-week Wellness Challenge. Can not suggest this meal delivery company more - organic, convenient, plant-based and gorgeous. 🌸

I think I blacked out most of my time in Nashville last week from lack of sleep and lots of manual labor setting up a design project, but I subsisted on lots of espresso from this place and I miss it.

He wouldn't back down, so neither will I, should we. Hate is lazy, and hatred is running rampant right now. So, the way I think of it is our sustained fervor will eventually kick laziness' ass, but not without some major changes and reforms. Watching him a week ago at the Bowl, I actually envied his energy and passion. I think looking to people like that, here or gone, when the energy isn't easily located is the greatest source of strength, like an electrical outlet. RIP, Tom Petty, if you are gone, or please hold on if you're not, but either way I owe you so many thank yous for every period of my life and that charge you give me.

Crisis Text Line | One Simple Message Unlocks a World Of Help | My interview with the LA Director of U.S.-based @crisistextline is now live on the @of_the_wolves site. "While suicide rates are going up, there is a tide change: we’re talking about the underlying factors that can lead to suicidal thoughts and actions: unchecked depression and mental illness, stigmas around men displaying vulnerability and emotions, cyberbullying and teens’ addiction to social media causing a torrent of suicidal activity, and even international, viral suicide pacts found in the depths of the internet."
We spoke with Maggie about how Crisis Text Line works, the response they received to tragic passings like those of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington and the honesty it opened up, and how you can get involved - any of you - if you feel called to volunteer and be on the receiving end of a texter in need. Sharing this info is a huge and helpful gesture, too. | ofthewolves.com

Reposting us over @of_the_wolves | Sunday Slowdown: It's difficult to recall how or when we came up with this idea. It was before we (re) launched last June, and there was this fervent need to acknowledge the power of being connected - it's how we interact with and meet all of you - and also being present in our immediate surroundings, with nature, with people, with animals and with ourselves sans scrolling feeds. All of our devices and the apps we use were created with actual elements of addiction, to seduce us, but we can outsmart them. Doing that today. 🌿🐿🍂

Skull sweater ✔️Pumpkins chew toy ✔️. Cause it's the most wonderful time of the year with the most extraordinary 4-legged vampire namesake...kinda. #Xander

Autumn is unequivocally my favorite time for change and resetting. Winter is brutal, but fall is shimmery and soft. Next Wednesday, I'm teaching a class focused on a curriculum I created out of suffering, seriously, for a long time now with the fall out from trauma and prolonged stress and grasping at how to dig out of brain fog and escapism tactics. Lucidity Is Brilliant | A Clear Cognizance Program will be at LA's WMN Space @wmn_space, and you can sign up directly there. The sooner the better so we can prep together and take advantage of all this Autumnal Equinox energy. Carrie Keller @lifearomatherapy will also be leading us in some pretty potent meditations, so there's, like, so many reasons to come sit in this gorgeous space with us. ..
As promised, this full curriculum and accompanying kit will be available online soon. 📷@tearintaren

My classmates and I for the next two years, and surely new family members in a way. I just went through my first immersive and lengthy weekend of my masters program last weekend, and a part of me wishes I could live in the depth psychology cocoon there in Santa Barbara all day every day. I've always loved new beginnings in the fall. 🌿🐿

Saturday bounty. #Altadena

My amazing friend Obi @coyotethunder published his first book, The California Field Atlas, which you should order a copy of. In it, he even thanks @ladyluofthewolves, @makersworkshop and I, which is staggering cause we thank YOU for all you are and all the beauty you put into the world. What's also miraculous is I met all the aforementioned soul friends via social media, something I tussle with often regarding its influence over us. Congrats, Obi, and thanks for being such a wondrous member of the @of_the_wolves Pack. 🌿🎨

Another reason IG is so great? I found out THIS exists, and I am about to buy it. And I quote this particular episode often...proudly. #buffythevampireslayer

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