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Micha Thomas  Certified Neuroliguistics + Exec Coach, Communications Activist, Freelance Creative Director, 1/2 of @of_the_wolves , Founder @themiaproject ,🌵🌲🐺lover


I got an opportunity to attend part of an UNSummit this week in Boulder, hosted by one of my favorite companies helping social entrepreneurs #DoShitThatMatters @commonworks . They brought in this FORCE to speak to us, Hunter Lovins, an author and a promoter of sustainable development for over 40 years who has spoken at The World Economic Forum, the U.S. Congress, the World Summit on Sustainable Development, been named a "green business icon" by Newsweek, a millennium "Hero of the Planet" by TIME Magazine and founded the Rocky Mountain Institute.
She spoke in facts about how we'll be the “Last generation to save life as we know it on this planet.” And while that's bleak, what an opportunity, because we can. #GrowtheGlobalHowl

I spent periodic moments all day having to fight this visceral sadness and need to purge tears and screams brought on by this loss and thinking of my own last two years spent with the suicide attempts of a loved one. I was binging his and Layne Staley’s catalogue more than ever right before my loved one landed herself in a coma from a suicide attempt, and I can’t help but feel gutted and utterly dumbfounded that part of my solace has left this world in a similar way. But I can fathom the pain his loved ones must feel, and my heart cries out to them, truly. Art by Obi, a brilliant artist + friend. @coyotethunder

I read this early morning...listening to his solo music. Not a day goes by that I don't listen to some form of his art. And not a day shall pass without it moving forward.

Color my nervous system confused. #Boulder #Colorado

Some of you know the extreme circumstances that led me to find my way to this work, coaching and Of The Wolves, but if you don't that's ok. The "how" is often more important than the "why".
Hitting the "live" button on OTW’s first fundraising campaign ever is a cacophony of all these thoughts: Have you ever wanted anything so badly that to ask for it was terrifying? What if the response was less than favorable? What if you got a lackluster reaction? Would that mean you weren't on the right path? But it's worth it. See, we took the spare change we could put together as two women very much not endowed with silver spoons or savings accounts and built OTW this past year into what you now see. Because we felt that strongly about it. We've never received an outside dime, but to continue on, to execute what we have planned, will take some resources. In whatever way you feel called, we hope you'll consider helping us #growtheglobalhowl . And sharing - lots of sharing. Link in profile.

Mathew + Mini me #Julesbug #businesstime

I love you, Joss. @plannedparenthood #standwithpp

Can't stop from blooming. #altadena

Starting this week, Lulu and I are going to be leaning in to extreme vulnerability for awhile, embarking on our first fundraising campaign for Of The Wolves since (re) beginning it almost a year ago with dollars and pennies scraped together, a ton of passion, and the belief there was a great big ole need for a global truth-telling and storytelling platform. But being vulnerable can be fun and should be celebrated with food and drink, so we'll also be holding a fundraising dinner at my home June 3.. We'll be serving fresh and local goodies baked in the cob oven we built with our own hands, drinks, incredible silent auction items, and a chance to mingle with each other in person instead of digitally. All the info and the link to tickets can be found on our homepage under "Communion" (link in profile, duh). #growtheglobalhowl

As I get older, I examine what being a mom can come to mean. Like mama wolves and mama animals that are nurturing to entire packs. Or my friends who take on mother-like qualities when I've been in pain and need it most. Or like how I've been a care-taker most of my life without a biological child of my own. I'm so grateful for mamas that actually give birth to new life, to mama animals and mama energy in all my friends who really show up, and my own mom.

Morning watch #Xander

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