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Michal Barok  🏠 Slovakia 🎥 FILMMAKER/ DP/ GEAR LOVER 📷 Canon Ambassador 📷 AQT.sk Ambassador 📩 Collaborations ▶ mail Camera Insta360 one X:

My mini setup for a table 😁
For vlogs🤣
But yes, this Gorillapod is perfect & practical for my table👌
#gorillapod #teamcanon

Ouuu my old mini setup for Spring 💣
C100mk2 & C500 & 5D4 & Canon Cine Lenses & Atomos.
Do you prefer dslr or cinema camera? Or mirrorless? ✌️
#teamcanon #filmmakers

My unboxing - MOVO Matte Box
Perfect for my lenses 👌
Do you use mattebox or lens hood?
#teamcanon #filmmaking
Music: Sounds by coop

JOBY is strong 💪🙂
Today I tested Gorillapod 5K.
With Canon C500 & 100-400mm lens. Altogether only 3460g.
It's perfect✌️
Is it a good way to use this Gorillapod?😁✌️
#teamcanon #filmmakersworld

Unboxing 💣
Wohooo my new JOBY
Gorillapod 5K kit💪
Thanks @jobyczsk
Very practical and powerful.
What do you think of this gorrilapodu?
#filmmakers #filmmakersworld

Ouuu Strong Sun 😶
But BTS edit for fun 😁✌️
Canon C300mkII and 300mm 2.8ii 💪
Is it a big beast?
#teamcanon #filmmakerslife

Hohoo heavy combo 💣
C100mk II & cine lens👌
C100mk II was my first cinema camera. Yes, it's old, but it's my legend. ♠️
Is this camera still relevant to you?✌️
#teamcanon #canonc100

C100mk II, C200 & C500💣
My way with Canon✌️
Great combo... But C200 is top👌
Write to comment which camera is your favorite👊
Canon? Sony? Blackmagic? RED? Or? 😉
#teamcanon #filmmakersworld

Unboxing 💣
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K
4/3 HDR sensor, 5"lcd, ISO 25600,
4K 60fps, 120fps Fullhd, 12bit Blackmagic RAW or 10bit ProRes♠️
Is this camera the best start for 4Kraw?
Thank you @snail.fpv for this camera✌️
#blackmagiccamera #bmpcc4k

Brown tones are great.♠️
Do you like this edit?
Editing in CMYK, export in RGB. Easy.📸
#teamcanon #canoneosr

New Canon 250D ♥️
Best dslr for beginners.
4K, 24mpx, ISO 25600
My new canon HERO 💪
Check video link in my bio.
Do you like this new Canon?
#canon250d #teamcanon

I met a frog yesterday 📸
Here's one edit for fun.
A little dark atmosphere. ♠️
Do you like it?
#teamcanon #macrophotography

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