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Next week planned and ready!

Day 11 of #DailyDefinitionsMay
Define: Activation
What are you looking at here? You're looking at the center control panel in my car. Notice my A/C is blinking at me? Yeah. It turned itself off again today. It happens pretty often. Oh, and you'll notice my phone isn't plugged in to the cassette converter. Cause that died today to.
So my morning is starting off in a silent, room temperature car while running late.
I'm sure hoping my homemade attempt of a Chai tea latte kicks in soon. Wish me luck.

Day 8 #DailyDefinitionsMay
Define: Intimacy
This man makes my heart race to this day. I can't can't even begin to tell you how much he means to me. Our moments of silence together are some of my loudest memories.

Day 7 of #DailyDefinitionsMay
Define: Miracle
These two little boogers are my favorite Miracles. My eldest sisters daughter and my middle sisters son. I'm so blessed men be their uncle and to watch them grow. I miss them so much. I wish I could see them every single day. If they are the only Miracles I get to see in my life... I'm more than satisfied.

I saved this little guys life. Nicholas got a little mad cause I pushed him out of the way from stepping on him... but he's safe.

A nice nurse came to do "therapy" and feed the bull and horses over the fence. She said she comes here all the time because animals are more appreciative and loving than humans. I imagine as a nurse she doesn't often get the appropriate thank you.
I appreciated her kind Spirit and I will be sending her lots of love.

Can't really tell... but that's a doe.

Going for a walk with @omgshnicholas (aka my handsome man)!

Day 5 of #DailyDefinitionsMay
Define: Worship
It was at this piano that I discovered the true depths of worship.
When I was a teen I remember having a terrible day at school and I was just so devastated about my life. I was blinded by the idea of having more hurt in my heart than love. I thought that being gay meant never finding love and always searching for acceptance from people that would never understand.
I had an amazingly supportive family, but at the time I couldn't see that they were enough. My thoughts were beginning to get darker and more unbearable.
My mom worked at our church so I had access to the sanctuary any time I wanted. I would turn up the lights just enough to see the piano and pour out my heart. My prayers became songs with no chorus or real focus. I just spoke to God. At first they all started out angry. Why me? Where's my chance for love? Is this really what you wanted from me?
I remember the first response I ever heard from Spirit. It was very familiar to me - and all of us. "Take off your shoes... this is Holy ground."
From then forward I played that piano barefoot because the first time you hear Spirit, it's terrifying and you don't want to mess up.
And every time I would feel this buzzing energy of love. And every time I got a little closer to God. And every time I realized that if God will sit in this room here with me and console my angsty teen heart, then He must love me for who I am.
Worship is something we are designed to do. If I'm honest, that sounds very controlling and servant/master like. But it's really about putting yourself in space with Spirit and allowing yourself to heal.
👣Find your holy ground. Church. The woods. The beach. Starbucks. The Library. Wherever your house of worship is, enjoy it. And try it Barefoot... it's exhilarating. 👣

Day 3: Magic
Some magic is not about prayers and gods and chants and moon cycles. Some magic is a ritual of self love and care. Some magic is simply about changing the world as you see fit.
A simple haircut can be the perfect amount of magic to change everything.

Day 2 of #dailydefinitionsmay
Define: Enlightenment

I will never forget the first time I saw the beauty of the Wat Mongkolratanaram temple here in Tampa. It's not just a visual beauty. The temple itself if so light and airy in its energy that you feel like you're floating. You can't help but walk slow and move like bamboo in the wind. You can almost hear the gentle tinkle of wind chimes as you glance at all the shimmering and shining objects.
If I were to seek Enlightenment like Siddhartha did... I'd want to sit here to do it. (plus the food is Bomb AF!!!!!)

I was leaving a comment on Instagram about #dailydefinitionsmay and my iPhone got a little inappropriate for word suggestions...

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