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Michael Williams  Member-Guest Founder of @acontinuouslean. Los Angeles, Calif.


Life with Miya. I’m in love. 😍

This is the first time I held my daughter in my arms. What an emotionally powerful and magical moment. I’ll never forget the feeling of overwhelming love that I felt right then for this little girl and my amazing wife Liz. Miya Cebron Williams was born on October 12, 2017 at 2:39am. She weighed 8lbs 1oz and measured 21.5 inches long. Our hearts have overflowed with love.

My wonderful wife @lizziec looking beautiful yesterday at our baby shower. We are counting down the weeks until baby Cebron Williams arrives.

A morning of unlimited potential on the Salmon.

Western Hospitality.


What an amazing day at @thehomeofgolf. Check this off of the list.

10 years ago @alipaul1 and I started @paulandwilliams and I wanted to take a moment to mark the anniversary.

Ali and I had worked together at Paul Wilmot. We worked in the same group and sat in the same set of four desks, but we only shared one account and Ali was the boss lady on that as she was (and is!) more senior than me. Things went well there (with the exception of a few moments I had with an assistant we shared) and eventually we moved on from Paul Wilmot with Ali going in house to run marketing for Le Tigre and me moving to a denim brand and then eventually out on my own to do consulting for a few brands owned by Onward Kashiyama. When I was consulting I started working with Ali at Le Tigre helping with PR and things went well and we worked great together. Le Tigre was on the verge of being sold and Ali decided she wanted to move back to California and approached me with an idea. We met for lunch at Cafeteria on 7th Ave and Ali told me she wanted to partner up. She would run L.A. and I would run NYC. It seemed like a great plan and I had a lot of respect for Ali so we jumped at the chance. I put in my 3 or 4 clients, Ali brought in Le Tigre and a few others and we were off and running. We rented an office in 110 Greene Street and a bit later one on Wetherly Drive in Beverly Hills. @lanceygram was just a puppy when we started and I have brought her to work with me almost every day of the past 10 years. She used to jump on Ali and AP would get annoyed at how spunky Lancey was. Secretly Ali loved Lance and we've all been together for a decade now. (Lancey is in semi-retirement now though.) In the early days we had the most random group of clients, but we were in hustle mode and must have done a million meetings trying to sign business with almost no track record. We must have heard "no" a million times, but eventually we started to get some bigger clients. Then in 2008 the stock market crashed and the economy seized up. We probably lost 75% of our business over night and the other 25% wasn't paying us. It was rough. Ali and I really struggled to keep it all together. We had some TERRIBLE clients at one point. We had to do what we had to do to survive.

Sporting breed. @lanceygram

It was good to be home.

Bandon Trails is (sort of shockingly) my favorite track at Bandon Dunes. (BD and Pacific Dunes are incredible and have stunning views) but Coore and Crenshaw just always surprise and delight. AGC is one of my top five of all time and Bandon Trails isn't far behind. Most people play it in the afternoon due to the wind picking up on the other courses, I would suggest playing it fresh on its own. You might even have a tap in Eagle like @aaronplevine did.

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