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Summer on 65th

This is Beto O’Rourke. Doug and I got to spend some time with him, the congressman from Texas who is challenging Ted Cruz this November. He is really something. He was in New York for a few hours in between trips to the Texas border detention centers. He described what he'd just seen in Tornillo's new tent cities. His family has been in El Paso for generations. He's visited all 240 counties in Texas. He reminded me of everything good about Texas and of the people there I love. Compassionate, thoughtful, kind. Learn more - please look into him. If you're in Texas, help people to register to vote and consider Beto and join! https://betofortexas.com 📷 @davidmixner who made it happen

Happy Birthday to this beauty. I love u @ryanspahn and so do @kinleyanddawson

Happy Father’s Day from @torchsongbway #fathersday ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🏳️‍🌈

Kinley is watching a lizard, Ryan is reading a book about a cult and I can’t stay awake. Soy vacay.

This pic is what the whole gig felt like. Thnx for taking it, @michaelthewood and for making it all happen @jeffreyfinn and @kennedycenter #iwillreturn #howtosucceedinbusinesswithoutreallytrying

Beginning of the family. @torchsongbway @theharveyfierstein happy Tonys y’all!

Getting locked out of the opening night party is the most Bud Frump thing that’s happened to me as Bud Frump. Photo (and unlocking) credit @michaelthewood @kennedycenter

Happy birthday @theharveyfierstein Still pointing the way. I love you.