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📷🎞  @marleanablackmon 🖤

Late 2017 @kennedy_cantrell 💕

@jshea9000 Thursday’s 2017 #ilforddelta3200

random expired Fuji from zeeeee 1993 of my yin 💜 ☯️ that her ma gave me about a month and a half ago.

🥰 this was a fun day 🥰

@cheddamanmania 2017 late spring early summer. This film sat in my car for so damn long.

@aly.darling’s kids, Kenna and Knox’s birthdays were over the weekend.
Aly was nice enough to invite @marleanablackmon and I to the zoo with them. I had a blast. I legit haven’t been since I was 5 years old. That’s 20 years!!! Anyways, here’s a photo I shot of Marleana carrying Kenna through the zoo on her shoulders. Your kids rule dude. 🌹🖤

Self 📷: @marleanablackmon

@cheddamanmania 🌹💎

Marleana 🍁🥀 First photo I’ve shot on an actual camera in almost a solid year.
I really enjoyed the past weekend. I hope everyone had a great “holiday”

iPhones are cray Z 🌹

V thankful for dis one 🌹🖤

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