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Michael Rodd  Certified NLP and PEAK Performance Life Coach 🔹I will move you THROUGH what holds you back and TO what sets you free! 👇Join 100’s Of Others Free!👇

Have a powerful vision for your life with your own goals to strive for. If you don’t make plans for your own life, you will have to fit into the plan that somebody else makes for your life.

We will do more in life to avoid pain than we will to gain pleasure. But when we come up against two pains, the pain of change or the pain of staying the same, the greater of the two will either keep us where we are push us to make the desired transformation.

We all have gifts that have been given to us as a result of our life experiences. There are people behind us that can truly benefit from the way that we have moved through and ultimately conquered our challenges.

You cannot light your own candle by trying to blow someone else’s out. Refuse to entertain any discussion about someone else unless they are present to defend their position. When you are known as a person of integrity, you will be spoken of in the same way.

How different would life be if we held the deep belief that it truly is a gift? What would you be focused on as you rise to meet each days challenges? How would you interpret your problems? How would you think of your contribution to the world? When we are focused on life as a gift, we look for the gifts it has to offer. When we focus on life as a struggle, we look for everything to uphold that belief too.

The character we develop through our struggles and disciplines will carry us to that place of ultimate freedom.

If there is anything in my life I want to change ⚒, my first port of call is to start tracking 📈it. If I want to get leaner🏋️‍♀️, I track my body fat percentage. If I want to stick to a budget 💰, I track my spending. If I want to be more productive, I track my distractions📺. Bringing awareness to what you are trying to change in this way will startle you at first! You will be astounded how far off track you may be! Happily, with a bit of love you will be able to start moving it in the right direction.

Some people are fighting a battle that we may never understand or be aware of.

Where are your limits? How far are you willing to be pushed? Have you set specific boundaries? When will enough be enough?

Reserve Sunday evening for quiet contemplation and planning for the week ahead. No clarity means no change and no goals means no growth.

Massive action is the cure all. All the pondering, philosophizing and attracting will get you nowhere unless you act!

A famous commander instructed his soldiers to burn the boats on which they had arrived to invade an island. Either they won the battle or they perished. This is the power of a real decision. It cuts off any other possibility from existing. If you want to change your life, make a real committed decision today!

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