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Michael Melford  National Geographic Magazine Photographer Conservationist

Am I in Lake Wobegon? No, but it could be. I’m in Rochester, Minnesota with @lynndcornell who is in surgery right now. My love & thoughts are with her! We went biking the evening before her surgery!! She will be just fine! #love #health #biking #minnesota

This is how my Nikon saw the rainbow. #rainbow #storm #nature #clouds

This afternoon we had this front move through that was amazingly as it came and as it left! Yes, that’s my house on the left and you can see my white oak tree. #weather #sky #storm #rainbow #nature #love #tree #iphonex @natgeocreative

Cocktail hour on the back deck with my sister Greta! Cheers!!

Danger? I’m sure the fox can’t read or maybe it’s to warn the people to stay away from the fox den. Those of you who live near me now know where the den is- if you stay in your car, roll down your window and give them plenty of space they will ignore you and be unaffected. #fox #nature #wildlife

This beautiful male pheasant was in my backyard yesterday. I sure hope it didn’t end up on the menu at the fox den! #bird #pheasant #nature #wildlife @natgeocreative

Nice sunrise this morning and thought I would take a nice walk without the camera - mistake as the kits were playing on the green grass. Ran home & drive back but they had moved. I watched for a while and just got two frames. Think this may be the male adult. #fox #sunrise #nature

Now in the new den all seems good! #fox #wildlife #nature

Had another special encounter last evening as the kits came out again to play. I sit in the parked car as just in Africa they have no fear of the vehicles. All was good until someone walked up and sat down by a tree to shoot them with their mobil phone. That was pretty much the end of it and later, after that person left, the mother moved them all to a different den, which actually is normal for them to do. If you are lucky enough to find a den, or a nest of some wild animal, if possible stay in the car. You will be happier and so will the animals. #fox #nature #wildlife #love @natgeocreative

Good morning! The kits came out to play! #fox #kit #nature #love

She walks by my kitchen window daily either going to hunt or returning with her prey. #fox #nature #wildlife

World Penguin Day!! King penguins on South Georgia 🇬🇪 on of the most amazing places on earth! #penguin #southgeorgia #nature #love @natgeofineart

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