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Michael Keaton 

Assuming he is correct-good for him. Guts! Something really lacking here. Exception-McCain

Authentic. Whether one agreed all the time or not, the real deal, a legitimate hero. Not only true loss of a person but, I fear, of a time. AND a true and important and major proponent and supporter of a FREE PRESS.

Long live the Queen
Sooo great


Read this(NYTimes SY day front page.
I said this would happen

What is the shock/surprise about trump? This is who he is. Not a phase or a whim or him as a “president”. This is who he is as a person. This is what you get when you’re not on top of it. He’s a mean spirited low life. And he’s your alleged “president”.

Hey democrats-while you are all posturing and posing and pontificating this guy (John K republican of Ohio) is appealing moving into position.
He’s authentic, smart and thoughtful. If you don’t get on it you’ll lose and you will deserve the loss.

Sean’s (and mine) lifelong pal covering a big and really really disturbing and sad story-kids being separated from their parents.

‪Thank you Paul. Not only a legend and consummate pro but a decent person and most importantly-my friend. Also loved by the Douglas family. MichaelKeatonDouglas‬

NYTimes op ed—-RIGHT on the money!

One of my faves-one of the all time greats!

Watch Bernie Sanders on Van Jones. Listen to his background and his beliefs. Then consider who we elected and ask yourselves “what/who do we REALLY honor in our country now?”

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