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Michael Keaton 

Why is everyone still even discussing this clown? It's time for him to go. Democrats look almost as week as the republicans.
How can you be shocked? This is who this guy is and has been-it was clear from the get go

Haha! Oh man. Keeps praising the fact that supremacists had a PERMIT! Not one mention of what they represent or chanted or reason for their march. What's it going to take? Guy has GOT to go.

His buddy David Duke is doing whatever the anti Semite aryan version of Kvelling is.

Like no one saw this coming. Really?!! I'll say it again--he is The Godfather of the birther movement. Decades ago-He and his father settled out of court re a case of discrimination against African Americans renting apartments owned by their company. And we're shocked @ his mealy mouthed statement re recent events?

Big Movie. Tim B obviously has things in hand

PLEASE read this in NYTimes and follow this story.

So good! Insightful, honest, smart, dangerous and really funny.

Generally speaking, This seems like a reasonable policy to me. Think it's something most of us can all agree on. Also something you will probably never see in the bathroom @ the Tower Bar

People just now catching on to these made up people-Jim in this case. Been doing this going way back--remember his "people" he had investigating Obama's birthplace. Why was no one calling him -the Birther-out then?

Sometimes the best way to alleviate pressure is to jus get out there and shoot an elephant the size of a bus from about 25 yards away.

My man Sean w my man Fitz

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