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My NINJA! Dad (@inspectoralex_) just pulled his wisdom teeth out. "I don't get my smarts from my teeth, don't trip I'm still gonna be a gangster after this procedure kids..." was his almost exact words to us before he went under the knife. Some people pride their cars, other's their clothes, many their reputation on social media, but my hopes are that the world never forgets that there's nothing more valuable than the human being. Dad, you're my fortune #fambam #dad #myninja #peaceonearth

I love a human who could express themselves freely & trust their deepest inside. Behaviors are what matter, even more than beliefs. Both however require you to #justBE // This one? She's the baddest fitch in the game #yolandi #afrikan

To all my friends out in the #Bahamas right now, remember enjoy that #conch & blow the whistle #straightcoastin

I asked the man to emulate a solar takeover in our restroom at the "FlowerShop" of #ten13 & this is what he did @dehmq // yeah we're on a roll brother... #go #art #aboutlastnight

When the world's most adventurous billionaire trusts you to throw a party for his newest company you get the hunch that you're on the right track #keepmoving #go

Mondays are days to dream like giants! Huge art pieces like this recent piece by #jeffkoons in NYC inspire me to believe in bigger and better for our planet's people. This week, let's make goals that appear larger than life and take massive action to surpass them. #go

#Repost @streetartnews
Something new from Jeff Koons in New York City

When I asked my mom how she approached raising my sister and I (seen here at age 4 merely a shy little girl in her homeland of Cyprus)...her response was this. "The key to being a good mother is the same as being a good friend. Looking over your children as do angels while treating them like people (not kids) all while making sure they understand that at one point you yourself were a kid too. Instilling upon them the feeling of side by side and not eye to eye. Showing them how to dance through adversity versus battling through life's challenges. Viewing the earth as a global community and not just bubbles of individuals and families. #Relating to people is the key to building strong #relationships, it's why the two words share so many letters in common." Mom, you're the brightest star I know. Thanks for turning me & @noneekay into such mother loving ninjas...! #mombeforeanything

Merely an observation... I've noticed
All you care is to get noticed
Post! A frozen selfie
All likes, But no lovin

#NoNoNo #spermASIDE

My latest piece of we #spermASIDE #worldofillusion

In this world of illusion, all we see is but a mystery. A smiling face may or may not be friendly. Good things have side effects, bad things benefits. But who is it who decides? Humans who reside? Or is it God on the other side? Question not to doubt what you see, but to site who is blinded, but to feel the unreal. I am me if you have it, I am gone if you doubt it.

My absolute favorite ninja in the street art game right now @notnotcamscott / the man speaks to my soulless media cries. Love yourself, fuck your selfie. #notnot

My friends may be ugly, but at least they have such huge hearts #lol #joegoomes @alex_garibyan don't worry brother you can't have it all #siblingday @splatterhaus

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