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Michael Lopez  UT

Whenever anyone says anything to me

BIANCA, B, BB, PUPPO, YOUNG DOGE, welcome to the fam

As I have recently grown into my big ass head I feel comfortable sharing this

I miss :(. Gimme 10 years and you'll be permanent home

Yo I spent the last few months making a bunch of noises in my parents' basement. The project is called Layers. It's on SoundCloud and the link is in my bio. Ok thanks.


You can see the jet lag on my face but still enjoying a nice cuppa ☕️

Lately I've been thinking about what's most important to me. Life is all about what you feel, and there is no better feeling than the power of love. Every time I get to come back to the first place I've ever known; my roots, it helps me remember that love is truly all you need in this life. I'm blessed/lucky/whatever you call it to have been raised in a family that has shown me the power of love since the day I was born, and I wouldn't trade that for the world. Right now I think we can all agree the world desperately needs more love, and as I grow into a real adult, I have to find my purpose here. If I can help change the world for the better and impact others in a positive way, that is what I call living a happy and successful life my friends 😊. Now ima get off here before I keep writing on and on. Love will always win, peace!


How I'm feelin

Please look don't touch

Miss da pnw and all its greenery

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