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This was my first time doing my make up after my car accident a couple months ago! 💕

*SECOND PICTURE IS VERY GRAPHIC* it’s been five months since my car accident, this is what I deal with everyday. The black and white is me now. It’s been a struggle to love myself again, I thank everyone whose been understanding towards me, my emotions and the way I’ve been acting since this went down. This would be difficult for anyone, so I’m dealing with it the best I can. I appreciate you all immensely ❤️🥰 p.s. since this all happened I realized how AMAZING the human body really is! It makes me want to pursue the nursing career I never thought I had the balls to do! Blood work was never my thing but since this happened I just want to help everyone and anyone I can no matter what! Maybe this all happened for a reason.

“You could see her pain. You could see her crazy. It wasn’t the scars she wore, you could see it in her eyes — as she searched for someone to heal the unseen wounds.”

My best friend ❤️

Regardless you’ll always be in my heart I love you💕😏

KMR 🌹❤️

Speak less than you know, have more than you show 🗣👀

I touched your soul and made you feel so comfortable
If I let you go I’d feel so skeptical.

I need my wants 🖤

Missing summertime and my blonde hair 😭❤

Cruising in the '72 jeepster commando 🌞💛

You feel the vibe... it's contagious.
Look in yo eyes, this shit is dangerous

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