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Time is the most precious thing in the world. Everyone uses it differently but the time I've been privileged to share with the people @686 are memories to last a lifetime. @garywyman was our team manager back in the day but more importantly he's a friend, husband and "the" most positive and caring human being I've ever been blessed to know. About 7 months ago he was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig disease. For someone so incredible to have such an opposite and terrible disease is ironically unfair. His speech is now slurred, he has trouble walking and he'll soon be in a wheelchair. His bodily functions will eventually fail but his mind will stay healthy and alert. Life expectancy varies between 2-5 years. Gary's in his mid 30's and recently got married to his wonderful wife, whom I just met tonight, @batlashes a few months prior to the diagnosis. His benefit concert was last night at the Ogden in Denver-it was packed with friends, family, fans and was a real local reunion. I flew in for the night to give Gary a big hug and say thank you. Thank you for being you but also to let him know that (in a f'd up way) your the luckiest dude in the world. What I mean is that you have a chance to spend this precious time (which many of us take for granted) and make the biggest positive impact to not only all of us, but to yourself. In a weird way this short time is really "timeless." I support Gary and hopefully you can too at www.teamgarbear.com #teamgarbear #fuckals #icebucketchallenge #lougehrigsdisease

Did a solo mission on peak up to the top of @whistlerblackcomb . When I arrived at the top, they shut down the lift due to stormy conditions. It was super windy with zero visibility but I decided to trek out by myself. Lift closed, insane winter conditions and no one around. I finally got some speed after the winds let loose for a second, but couldn't see shit. The next thing I know, I'm doing a free fall, spinning outta control down a cliff (not this cliff). I felt helpless and finally stopped on an iced embankment. I was banged up, ended up puking cuz of vertigo but for the most part ok. I finally climbed my way out of it and made it back. I've been riding for 30 years in almost every type of gnarly conditions, but have never done this before. The lesson I learned today is never underestimate mother nature and always ride with a buddy. #lessonlearnedthehardway

Thanks for the quick HQ tour @herschelsupply Sorry for my little taking over your office! Jamie @cormack and his brother @lyndon founded Herschel only 8 years ago and have never looked back. Congrats fellas

It's a wrap! Our annual @686 Asia R&D trip in the backcountry of Japan. What goes on here? We conclude the 1718 season, showcase what's coming in 1819, test new revolutionary products, tell jokes, watch crazy Korean Woody do his thing and have a rad time shredding in Japow. Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan all represented. This "mellow" hike up to the top eventually paid off. Thank you to everyone who made it and especially the Likes and Blue Achieve crew for organizing. #thebestisyettocome

aloha vibes with @og_slick

Powwowhawaii retouching with @kameahadar #itshotupinhere

Here for a few hours to support my brudas and sistas @powwowworldwide the kids x @klyonsnatborn

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