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6:58pm Los Angeles Grand Park #ripchester

You never know where life takes you. Back in 1992 when I started @686 I was a small fish in a very large pond. Bonfire, Twist, Sessions, Special Blend, Beacon, Wave Rave, Burning Snow, Spare and Burton were in front of the pack. Along the years I've been fortunate to become friends with some of the founders behind the brands I looked up to. @bradsteward is probably one of only a few visionaries in Snowboarding who came up as a pro, transitioned to as an executive, made Sims and Morrow dominant players, but also founded Bonfire in 1989. If you know Brad, you also know he's pretty damn Smart and well ahead of his time. His latest venture @caravanoutpost brings out the same "stoke" as snowboarding does but in a totally new way. If you wanna have your mind blown, come to Ojai and experience it for yourself #stoked #lifeaftersnowboarding

Ice Cream Sundae Fridays at Westlife HQ. #ilovemysquad

In shock #ripchester

Visiting some heads today. Lax -Sea round trip in less than 10 hours. #allinadayswork

Re-living my 90's childhood w/ Shirley @garbage . Thank you @j_huang

Gonna get a little geeky here - Technical waterproof apparel is the most complex and skilled trade in garment manufacturing. From beginning to end more than 200 different people touch a @686 technical product. Bottom line it takes precision to make our stuff. To fine tune this precision, we've developed proprietary computerized sewing methods for the most complex part of sewing a jacket up. Here the center front zipper along with parts of the storm flap are constructed perfectly in record time with zero mistakes. #damnthisshitgetsmeexcited

Here at the factory one last time before our 1718 products depart to our global warehouses. Besides all the bells and whistles @686 is known for, the proper "fit" is what makes the difference between a good garment and a great garment. Our tech team combined with our countless pattern makers, fit models, team riders and testers make it all happen. I'm trying on our new GLCR Satellite Shell Bib and it's 🔥 I can't wait for you guys to check out our updated fits for 1718 @686_glcr

Monday's be like

To some, the passion to create never really ends. If you've been around for a while, the expectation from those that supported you are more demanding than ever. There's this sense of ownership from your fanbase thats both loyal and cut throat. But what happens if you want to create something new and different because of curiosity or cuz it just feels good? A few weeks ago I was at the friends and fam release of #linkinpark new album #OneMoreLight. @chesterbe was half way jokingly comparing their evolution of music to food. "What's wrong with eating Mexican one night to Chinese another?!." Later I was chatting with @m_shinoda and compared this same expectation for us to being in biz for 25 years. The odds are against us for sure but then again you've sold over 75 million records, been together as a band for over 20 years, have two Grammys, blah blah and of course your grateful for everything and everyone but it's dope to evolve and still be hungry-To evolve into something new and although everyone won't feel the same way, that's completely ok. My point here is that all the classics and shit you've grown to love was at one point in time, "new." It's a fun time to be alive and be able to create some new classics today. Congrats fellas! Everyone make sure you check out #OneMoreLight now 🌅 here lprk.co/onemorelight @musicforrelief @linkinpark

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