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  y’all I’m just a fan account 😭 not the real Michael ❤️

okay but he can really pull off any look

maybe I’d be more motivated to go to the gym if I went to the same one as him

a simple favor was so MF GOOD wow the cast was hot as shit and BLAKE LIVELY & ANNA KENDRICK SNAPPED SO HARD. ended pll & gone girl. ALSO THE HUSBAND WAS SO HOT. EVERYONE WAS HOT AND STEAMY AND TWISTED. LOVE IT GO WATCH #asimplefavor

ugh he’s so beautiful

good night

HEY GUYS! buy your #alwaysandforever t-shirts because there are only 2 days left to do so!! ALL proceeds go to #stopyulinforever 🐺🐾🖤

invented duos #roswellnm #michaeltrevino

I want him more than the cookies

that moment when you realize you’ve met @candiceking, @paulvedere, @steven_r_mcqueen, @immatthewdavis and been noticed by @cadlymack, @michaelvlamis, @nathandeanparsons but NEVER BY TREVINO @michaeltrevino ily #michaeltrevino

wow he’s so flawless

are you guys going to watch the Roswell reboot?
________________________________________________________#roswell #roswellnm #michaeltrevino

he truly has no bad angle ugh his mind <3

shirtless michael is what I deserve .... let me pretend they’re not associating with the trump lover in the back but wow they love feeding me content 💘

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