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Michael Maiolo  📷Professional photographer ☀️Southern California 💍Owner of @amber_mountain_media 💵Business Inquiries: mmaiolo@cox.net

Things I learned in Costa Rica:
1. Malaria medication gives you nightmares.
2. You can eat Casado for 5 straight days and not get tired of it.
3. Monkeys can/will open your backpack and take your food.
4. Although, I love taking pictures, sometimes just being present is even better.
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If you zoom in really close, you can see me flying the drone in the rooftop pool. #costarica #selinahostels #manuelantonio

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN // Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Kings Canyon National Park. My friends and I didn’t even think about the government shutdown, and the possibility of it affecting our trip until we drove up to pay the entrance fee and there was no one there to take our money. As we entered the park and began hiking and interacting with other people, it felt almost as if we were a group of kids who were left home alone without their parents for the first time (and I think I would include myself in that category). Cars were parking in handicap spots, in the middle of the road, and ranger reserved spots. The restrooms and rest areas were littered with trash due to lack of maintenance, and there didn’t seem to be much concern about it from anyone. It wasn’t until a few days later when I started thinking about it, that I became saddened. I don’t have a political opinion to share, and I’m honestly not even sure I understand exactly what’s going on. If you read this whole thing, I would guess that you’re in the minority, and I appreciate you. I’m not trying to start a political debate, but if you have anything to share, I would love to hear your thoughts. Either through comments or DM if you’re not comfortable sharing publicly. #kingscanyon #sequoia #governmentshutdown

2019 RESOLUTION // I had an amazing college experience. I was constantly surrounded by people from all different parts of the country and even different parts of the world. I’m so thankful that I can look back over those 4 years and see how much I learned and grew as a person because of those relationships. Since graduating, that relational diversity has been something that I’ve truly missed. I never want to become someone who lives in an echo chamber of their own thoughts and beliefs. So…starting this week, I am going to spend intentional time with someone new every single week. It can look like anything from getting coffee, to going on a run, to playing ping pong. If you live in, or are going to be in Orange County (Ca) at any point in 2019, I would love to spend some time with you; to share my story, and learn from yours.

A lot of people have been DMing and Facebook messaging asking about what happened last night, so I thought it would be easier to just share in a post.

A few houses down from me there was a pretty big car crash. I immediately went out to see what happened and make sure everyone was ok. The guy in the video was behind the wheel of one of the cars and he was REALLY bloody and pretty out of it. A group of people were gathered around him applying basic first aid and trying to clean him up until EMS arrived. A few minutes later, as soon as the sound of sirens started approaching in the distance, the guy got up and started running. I chased after him for a little bit to make sure he didn’t get away (the chase only lasted about 30 seconds). Then the police officer pulled up and made contact with him, and that’s where the video begins. We were able to take him down and get him in cuffs. Unfortunately, my selfie skills are pretty weak and I wasn’t able to record the takedown😂 Thank you to @ocsdmissionviejo for working hard and keeping us safe!

Missin’ the hair more and more everyday🌊☀️😔

Weekend business trips aren't so bad with sunsets like these🙌🏼

My house isn't actually this dark and scary. I promise.

I love you so much. You taught me to never, whine, complain, or make excuses. You taught me the importance of reading books. You taught me how to save my money, and helped me buy my first car. You raised my dad; an amazing man who, in turn, raised me into the man that I am today. Although I write this with tears and a heavy heart, I'm comforted by the fact that I will see you again soon. The Maiolo/Mullen grandsons are so much better because of your life. I promise to lead my future family with the same patience, humility, and kindness.
Michael J

Drove a total of 16 hours. Took 1 picture.

Last night I had the incredible opportunity to shoot photos for Phil Wickham + Bryan and Katie Torwalt on their final stop on their Sing Along tour.

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