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Michael  Independent filmmaker, entrepreneur. Confront the cold, brutal facts, but refuse to ever give up on making it better.


Writing again. Feeling inadequate, but even writing something bad is better than writing nothing!

Highly recommended YouTube channel about all things screenwriting. Check out the link in my bio for some screenwriting advice from one of the best - Karel Segers.

Trying to look all directorish on the set of Talitha. 📸 @addrianned

A shot from the set of A Hideous Display of Daisy's Cruelty by @jsssse
I loved seeing what is possible on a small budget on this set and it's moved me to think bigger in production design on my own films.

It would seem I have got myself in for a project requiring I learn 3d animation. (I don't have the budget to pay someone else to do it, so sit is my only option.)
I will need to be starting vfx in 3 months so I basically have 12 weeks to learn how to use this thing. Wish me luck!

Australia Vs. England. Aussie not doing too bad.

Axolotl-sittin for the weekend.

Excellent New Years on the harbour with the king of Milson's point, @thejoshuamaxwell and my new friends Robyn and Natalie, as well as a host of Colombians! Happy New Year!!!

Getting ready for New Years in Sydney Harbour.

Shooting this guy's first ever time at the beach was a heap of fun!

Reality. My Instagram profile says I am a film maker. Yet almost nobody who follows me on Insta has seen anything I've made. The trap is, being a creative is often a lonely experience. Keep going. Do it because you have to. Also, put your stuff out there. (I'm terrible at this, I think my work is bad so I don't want people to see it.) I'm going to start putting my stuff out in the world. I still don't really like it, but there's no point making it if nobody sees it.
I'm currently writing something that I really believe will be good. In the mean time, I'm trying to believe that what I have already done is good. Or at least worth something.

Been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while now and finally took the plunge.

Did score a hat trick.


Australia Vs Honduras

So I did this tonight for the first time in 5 or so years. No cash but played better than I expected for my first time in ages. Particularly happy not to have lost my cool when little to nothing was going my way.

It's here! I don't think Ive ever been more eager for a book to arrive than @lewishowes #maskofmasculinity will review after reading.

This mandarin's mum told it that it could be anything it wanted. So it decided to become a pear.

La paraguas rojo grande en Lithgow.

Brooklyn went pretty good as a location. Plenty of rain.

War of the cups. Starring Emma Tanner and @kylecroese ... such drama!

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