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Michael Divine  I'm a painter, mostly. You can find prints, available original work, and more at my website:

Hopes and dreams and bubbles on streams. A work in progress on the easel.

A detail of the bare beginnings of what's happening in this painting... I'll keep sharing more as it progresses.

Time flies. I've actually been away from the easel for a couple of weeks. I plan to finish The Birth of Venus this week and send it off to it's new owner (probably not til next week though) but to get back in the flow I'm working first on this piece which I began at the same time as Venus. It has a similar background texture and will have this warm glow in the middle. It's about discovery - the beauty of the moment. That fleeting and unfolding now... Just bubbles on a stream.

'Station to Station'
40" x 30"

Celebrating connection and communications from afar.


"Breathing With It"
24" x 36"

Painted in the jungle in Costa Rica 15 years ago. Sold some years later. I think about that tidal wave of, well, everything and how it can feel overwhelming sometimes and the only thing to do is to breath with it.

A work in progress on the wall... The winds of fall, rains have renewed the hills, the fires passed (I hope). I can taste the last bits of summer on the air. I love this time of year.

16 x 14. Acrylic/canvas. Available.

"Coming Up for Air" - an acrylic 10" x 10" painting - will also be on display in Ukiah today at the @tribe13gallery show.

If you're in the Ukiah, CA area tomorrow evening, come join me for a group show at @tribe13gallery. There'll be a host of artists along with Violet and me.

Pictured: 'A Transitive Nightfall of Diamonds'

I recently made this 12' tall and 8' wide "Tree of Life" banner for a theater production called 'Who Am I/What Am I' at @Stanford University.

Someone asked yesterday about my process. It's always a mix. On the left is the sketch I started with and on the right is the painting that grew out of it. Sketches are like shorthand notes to myself. I wanted it to do a little of this.. maybe some of that... And then, when I'm thinking about what to paint, I open up my sketchbook and look for something that seems to fit my mood or has some movement or motion I'd like to explore. In this case, Violet suggested I tackle this pieces. First I spent some time considering what the painting was about, the dominant colors, and son. I started with making a background (you can see that in a previous post) that was fitting for what the painting was to be. It was basically water, paint, and some isopropyl alcohol which does some cool stuff with the droplets. Next, a chalk drawing with my lines, shapes, etc. I outlined the chalk lines I wanted to keep in rough white lines and then shaped it, all the while trying to keep in mind how the painting is going to work, how the image is supposed to feel, etc. Every line and curve should speak to that feeling. In this case, it is a birth from the depths of the turbulence (amongst other things) and finding beauty, joy, and love in that.#birthofvenus #oceanpainting #surfacing #sketchbook #creativity

"The Birth of Venus" - detail - acrylic/canvas

"The Birth of Venus"(less cropped)

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