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Michael Divine  I'm a painter, mostly. You can find prints, available original work, and more at my website:

Morning drawing for an evening picture. I left Maine this morning to make my way back to California. I brought my sketchbook down to the ocean with my cup of coffee and made one last drawing there of the incredibly placid sound under the morning sun, where the sailboats were all lined up and the dock rocked ever so slowly on the soft undulations of the water. Thanks, Maine, and the jewel of mount desert island - it was nice to return after all these yeats. (And grateful to be able to share it with my wonderful family.) #maine #mtdesertisland #somesound #dock #drawing #landscapedrawing

Sun through trees #sunset

I dig this fisheye panorama. It captures some of the depth I try to find while painting sometimes. #mtdesertisland #sunset #ocean

Beautiful day. Blue skies. Blueberries. Blue oceans. #cadillacmountain #mtdesertisland

Foggy day and Violet @ Otter Cliffs, Maine. #ottercliffs #maine #ocean #fog

Morning drawing on a dock in a bay thinking about leaves spiraling off into the sunset. #drawing #sketchbook #leaves #pilotpen

Recent collaboration with my 2 year old niece. I drew a bunny but she's quite the futurist. #bunny #pilotpen

Tomorrow, we head off for a week and a half vacation. I don't take many 'vacations' that aren't also some form of work so this'll be nice. We're going to Mt Desert Island in Maine to join my family (sister, brother, their families, my parents) for some full on family time (tho I'm from Connecticut originally). It'll be nice to leave this painting for a while. 'The Bricklayer's Dream' is a monster of a piece. It is a constant meditation on so many feelings that aren't the hopeful visions of many of the paintings I've made. At times, with it, it's hard to take a breath, hard to keep at it, because it is so 'not pretty', yet... Yet... I feel that my task as an artist isn't to be the creator of just pretty things but to be, I think, a scribe - just translating the feelings. And these are some of those feelings right now.

I've been contemplating this painting for years and created the drawing for it two years ago. It seems as relevant now as it was then.

I'll be back at it in a couple of weeks, ready to bring it to completion.

7" x 5"

#parsifal #fly #facepainting #visionaryart

Five Tiny Visions

Catch these little windows at the @hivegallery this weekend sat July 7th at the opening of the tiny visions show.
#hivegallery #dtla #losangeles #visionaryart

"Love & Distance"
8" x 10"

#visionaryart #acrylicpainting #love

"In The Beginning"
6" x 4"

The microcsmic and the macrocosmic all rolled into one. This tiny toenail of a vision will be on display at the @hivegallery in Los Angeles next weekend for the #tinyvisions show
#egg #feather #painting #visionaryart #miniature #hivegallery #dtla

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