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It’s fall. I’m stoked!

We woke up at 7,500 feet on the edge of Mount Hood and found this view framed by the door of the tent.

The golden fog brushed into the beach bringing salty cold air that gripped to my skin. The journey of a wave ends when it dissipates violently into the sea stack, only to be followed by another. Roaring ocean and gulls sing the harmonious tune of the coast. It lasted a while, the view and the sounds. Long enough to fully embrace the setting and it’s magic.

Celestial falls

Tried this zoom effect to pull your eye toward the subject. Sometimes I get caught up in a photoshop vortex and create so much random stuff. 🧠🎨


Almost that time of year where places become less crowded. When you can take it all in without distractions.

Took a much needed visit to the coast. We skated, surfed, observed tide pools, and spent the evening walking along the golden textures of the beach.

The Pacific Northwest.

If an alien 65 million light years away could see earth with a telescope, they would see dinosaurs. 🤯

Finally visited this classic waterfall. I had so much fun running around taking photos of the multiple tiers rushing down the cliffs.

There’s a story for every photo, an expedition, or long adventure enduring the elements. The reason I fell in love with photography was the excitement and satisfaction of being exposed to the outdoors. Getting soaking wet from a raging waterfall, frozen fingertips in the snow, stinging cactus needles, and painfully long hikes to find solitude. These are the things that give each photo its life and saturation. However this photo is different. I shot this sitting comfortably inside Timberline Lodge next to a warm fire. It’s not the most fun or creative moment I’ve had taking a picture, but sometimes it’s nice to have such a fascinating scene unfold with no effort reaching it.

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