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michaela malone Ⓥ  logical vegan trying to build muscle & emotional stability

today's glute/ hamstring workout:
-4x15 romanian deadlifts
-4x12 walking lunges
-4x12 per leg cable glute abductors
-4x12 good mornings
-3x10 per leg bulgarian split squats
-3x12 per leg smith machine donkey kicks
-3x20 machine hip abductors
-3x15 leg curls :-)

it's been a minute but trust me, i still lift

i did a thing with my hair #snipsnip

powered by organic cotton candy grapes :-)

just a friendly reminder that contrary to popular belief, squats aren't actually the best exercise for your butt. gonna have to hand that over to either cable kickbacks, straight leg deadlifts, or barbell hip thrusters, as these are far more glute focused than squats are. that being said, squats are great for quad building/ overall strength so i'd definitely still incorporate them into your lifts! especially if you're like me and want thicker thighs 😋

made it to the gym in between stuDYING for my calc midterm hahahah kill me

why am i vegan?
the better question is why aren't you?
why aren't you bothered by the fact that billions of land animals are slaughtered every year for food?
why don't you care that baby calves are being torn from their mothers so that you can drink milk?
why doesn't it matter to you that animal agriculture is responsible for 91% of the amazon rainforest's destruction?
why are you ambivalent about the fact that animal agriculture produces the largest human-created amount of nitrous oxide gas, a gas more destructive than carbon dioxide?
why aren't you worried about the fact that processed meat is considered a class 1 carcinogen (in the same class as tobacco & asbestos) and the fact that red meat is a class 2 carcinogen?
why aren't you concerned about the links between meat & dairy consumption and type 2 diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer, and many other health conditions?
why do you prioritize your taste buds over the lives of innocent animals, your health, and the fate of our planet?
i am vegan because i care about these things, and you should too.

i can be animal
and both our minds can be beautiful
show me when you're afraid
and i'll come close to communicate
mark me up
you've been sweet, but can you show me rough?
i think we're lovely when we screw up

glute & ham workout of the day!!
-3x12 stiff leg deadlifts
-4x12 good mornings on smith machine
-3x12 kneeling squats on smith machine
-4x10 leg curls
-3x12 glute bridges (I did them on the ground using a box to prop my legs up and held a 15 lb dumbbell while doing the exercise)
-3x12 cable pull throughs
-3x12 cable side abductors
-4x12-15 leg press with legs close together :-)

hey pls ignore my face thx

look at how weak and malnourished veganism has made me :-/

abs are starting to disappear but at least i'm eatin' good

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