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michaela  logical vegan trying to build muscle & emotional stability

my calves are nonexistent but it’s fine

chop chop bitches

throwback to one of the best days of my life, when i got to check “hug a cow” off my bucket list

i can’t think of a good caption so just enjoy these leg day pics lmao

you came out of the ocean like you came out of a dream
your voice it sounds familiar but you are not what you seem
all the words of comfort cannot take away my doubt
and i decided if it kills me i’ll find out what you’re about

some mental illnesses are harder to have than others. allow me to explain. it’s not that any disorder is worse than another, it’s about the stigma. there is definitely a hierarchy of acceptance in terms of mental illnesses, and if you try to deny that you’re either naive or in denial. when i try to tell people (in real life) about my struggles with bpd (borderline personality disorder), i get a very different response than i do when i talk about my anxiety (or the depression part of my bipolar disorder). “you’re brave” is a response to opening up about my anxiety, but opening up about being borderline? *crickets*
personality disorders are even stigmatized by the mental health community, by academic psychologists/ professors, psychiatrists and even therapists. this leads to those of with personality disorders not receiving adequate treatment because many professionals don’t want to treat us. you don’t hear of that problem in people with anxiety or depression though. and psych academia often portrays us as monsters instead of people with an illness we have no control over. one of my friends informed me that a free response question on one of her exams was “would you rather date a person who lies and cheats on you than someone with a personality disorder?” as if people with PDs are inherently evil. i have had professors who make fun of people with delusions/ hallucinations and again, portray people with PDs as downright terrible.
we need to stop this. we need to call out our professors when we encounter this. we need to change this so future psych professionals don’t hold these beliefs, so this doesn’t become a cycle of discrimination against people with “scarier” disorders.

that’s me in the spotlight, losing my religion


i cannot think of a good caption so hi hello it’s me

in honor of international women’s day i just wanted to give a shoutout to all the beautiful, amazing women in my life! love y’all so much and thank you for inspiring me to be a better person each and every day 💫💚 only got to tag 20 people but i want to include my wonderful cousins too @kelllbasa @annataimalone @c.k.valle.5914

my human heart won’t mend itself
when my own two hands are ripping at the seams, oh it seems
i’m my own worst enemy
i’m doing it to myself

*smith machine only leg workout:*
-4x10 squats med weight
-4x12 good mornings
-4x8-10 hip thrusts med weight
-4x15 calf raises
-3x10 per leg backward lunges
-3x10 one leg straight leg deadlifts -4x12 kneeling squats ~try it out if ya want!~

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