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Michelle Arendas 

Cried more than most of the parents but who would expect anything else? Kent won't be the same without you but I'll definitely be called a nerd less often so that's cool. My boys, you did it!!! #proudfam #coolkidsgraduatelate

take a drink for every time someone on the Internet bullied you this week !!!!!!!

It's still your bday here haha! Happy I could finally come celly in Cali with u. This view is no red onion but it will do!

Hope someday I tear it up on the dance floor like you. Love you (and pockets) too much. #tilldeutschdouspart #bff #timezonebadpostsrry

I didn't get to do finger guns on air & got shushed by the 10 year old Kelsea Ballerini fan I was sat next to, but I got to claim Summer of 69' as my forever karaoke song while on tv & this was truly an experience I will never ever forget!! All my thanks for a very good morning, America! #funfriendsfuntimes #michealstrahanisverylarge #isthisreallife

For someone who hates their birthday I'm getting pretty good at celebrating. Thank you to everyone who has made the past few days so amazing!!! #hangoverday3 #wheresthebudlight

wouldn't be summer without you & the flea

Today I woke up to a FaceTime of you in your new home in England and that's just really freaking cool. Congrats on your next big step! Thank you for inspiring my travels and always reminding me that to be an Arendas is to be adventurous. Can't wait to come visit!!! 🇬🇧🇳🇱

All thanks to Manchester 3rd. Don't know where I'd be without my boys💙

RT for "Paris" by the chainsmokers, fav for "Paris" by the 1975.

You're on a bus to Spain rn but I wish you were still in Paris because this was the most perfect day in the most perfect place & I don't want it to end ever !!!

Bye big ben, bye British accents. Sorry I never learned which way to look when I crossed the street, I promise I'll be back as soon as I can!!!!

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