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Michelle Blanchard  Visual Storyteller • Flatlays and Styling • Social Media Content Creator • Coffee Lover • Life Appreciator ✉️ mich.elle.imagery@gmail.com

Revival in progress. -
Or if you just want to say it plain, coffee time☕️=🖤
#howiseemycoffee #coffeeeee #momentsofmine #ipreview @preview.app

Yesterday I fell into plant heaven, and though I had to come back down to earth, rest assured. Some of heaven came home with me🌿🌿🌿
Happy Sunday friends!
#makeitblissful #plantbabefieldtrip #momentsofmine #ipreview @preview.app

Saturday farmers market time means toting around with this beautiful bag made by @brunoanddelilah -
How kind was it that this talented duo shipped one over after I fell in love with their creation, I'm so thankful🤗 #supportsmallbusiness #handmadeparade #createdtocreate #handmadeisbetter #ipreview @preview.app

Coffee with a dollop of creativity is where my Friday morn is at.✨✨✨
Not a bad way to start I think.
Happy Friday!!
#morningslikethese #flatlaystyle #createdtocreate #howiseemycoffee #myeverydaymagic #ipreview @preview.app

"What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?" By @thepoeticunderground

Here's to all you beautiful souls that sometimes let fear get in the way (that includes me too), let's take off and see where we can go!
My darling, inspiring IG friend @booksandkindness and her friend @mariemcwilliamsblog are having a photo challenge for the month of September. And today's prompt is "Birds". Had fun with this one.🖤
#myeverydaymagic #makeitblissful #holdthemoment #qotd #ipreview @preview.app

Words, coffee and plants are what I love to wake up to on Sunday mornings, and it never gets old. 📚☕️🌱 -
Also heading out today for a bit of outdoor fun before another busy week ahead!☺️
#makeitblissful #bookworm #calm_collected #mystillsundaycompetition #coffeeeee #ipreview @preview.app

I could hug #momentslikethese , here's hoping your weekend is filled with beautiful views! Xx
#ipreview @preview.app

As I hold my darling coffee this morning, I'm still reeling from a conversation I had with my talented sis @birchhouselettering yesterday at our favourite café @duo_cafevibe .
She uttered these words:
"I've already had my morning coffee, so this isn't my necessary coffee"
Clearly this was a desperate call for help, an intervention is needed.
Monica ALL the coffee is necessary, always. I won't give up on you, but I am wondering whether we're related at this point.😉☕️☕️☕️
#howiseemycoffee #coffeeeee #cupsinframe #cups_are_love #ipreview @preview.app

It's a beautiful green view to start the day.🌿🌿🌿🌿 4 weeks in my care and still thriving, how's that for something to be grateful for today.☺️ #plantbabefieldtrip #viewfromabove #momentslikethese #botanicalpickmeup #ipreview @preview.app

Geez. Woke up to a slew of messages this morning to let me know my account was deleted. Cue heart drop😱
First THANK YOU for all the sweet messages checking in. I love you guys...a lot!🖤And I think it's sorted out now. 🤞🏼 -
Phew, now it's time to relax from that, and enjoy all the happy makers the weekend brings!!☺️ @thatlittlehyggeshop @creativelysquared #cs_hygge #makeitblissful #momentslikethese #ipreview @preview.app

And here we go, the beginning, the fresh start, the crisp air, so much love for September! I hope yours is off to a beautiful start my friends! 🍂🍂🍂 #makeitblissful #momentslikethese #ipreview @preview.app

I'm not much of a writer, but I am an avid reader, and I found this beautiful story that I just had to share. 😉🍷🔝 #letterboardcompany #quotd #flatlaystyle #ipreview @preview.app

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