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Micah Bournes  Poet. Rapper. Blues Singer. "A Time Like This" out now! LONG BEACH, California born and raised👐🏿!

Let's get this boy married. But first, I'm cute. #NoUglyBabies P.S. (By "this boy" I mean Jerry, not me😂) #Groomsman

"The We Cutes" reunited. New foolishness comin soon.

CHICAGOOOO! Im comin for you next. Saturday Sept 22, 9pm at Wilson Abbey, 935 W. Wilson Ave, Chicago Il. Free concert featuring me and @justlucee .
Here are a few snaps from my weekend at The Care and Compassion Expo in Roseville CA. @bridgewaychristian was a generous host. Roseville now has 70 folks walkin round with Fight Evil With Poetry T Shirts on. 📸 by Ryan E. Neiderheiser #micahbournes #fightevilwithpoetry #chicago #chicagopoetry #chicagohiphop #chicagoartist #spokenword #poetry #greenmill

It's been almost 10 years since I wrote "Normal Hair", calling out @garnierusa for perpetuating white supremacist beauty standards, but apparently they did not get the message. I was once again showering at the home of a white friend, when I noticed this: "Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing Shampoo: Tames and Controls Frizzy Hair". TAMES & CONTROLS?! To the fellowship of the frizz who would rather not be tamed nor controlled. Not my hair, not my voice, not my body, not my spirit, not my nothing. Words matter. Y'all need to hire a poet to better communicate the things you're trying to say. Or maybe... you're just saying the wrong things. PLEASE don't hit me with "white people have frizzy hair too so this cant be racist". Of course some white people have frizzy hair. That makes this no less racist. White people can also be negatively affected by white supremacy. #normalhair #fightevilwithpoetry #whitesupremacy #conspiracyrealist

After 3 weeks of fighting my insurance, hours and hours of phone calls and terrible holding music, missing work, a trip to the ER, poppin steroids, overwhelming frustration, today I am FINALLY getting the medication I need. I should prolly chill for a minute but I fly out tonight for a gig tomorrow. These hospital bills aint finna pay themselves😂. Mad love to everyone who was prayin for me. It's incredibly difficult and expensive being a touring artist with a chronic illness. So many folks have been so generous already. If you wanna support your boy, you can go to the donate tab of micahbournes.com and give a one time, monthly or annual donation to help me stay healthy and keep doing what I do #fightevilwithpoetry #aliveandill #cantstopwontstop #ulcerativecolitis #micahbournes

@kscatesstudios got some dope pics of my time at Rhetoric a few weeks back. Go to youtube and type in "Rhetoric 2018 Micah Bournes" to watch my performance of "Freakshow" and "Things I Know For Sure". Also, if you haven't heard it yet, peep the album version of "Freakshow" on my latest project "A Time Like This" . There's some lovely musical additions. #fightevilwithpoetry #atimelikethis #freakshow #rhetoric2018 #spokenword #poetry

A loud silence with Beth May. Head over to @fightevilwithpoetry IG and watch the full interview. @heybethmay breaks down what Fight Evil With Poetry means to her. #fightevilwithpoetry #mentalillness #spokenword

Today was rough. Expensive. Loooong. Everything went wrong. Nothing was resolved. After 9 hours in the ER, I still wasn't able to get my infusion. They sent me home with 4 days worth of steroids (a temporary fix as I wait for my insurance to decide if they want to authorize the medicine I CLEARLY need). Anyway, wouldn't have got through it without my beautiful girlfriend by my side. Sike, this my sister and she was killin my game with the cute Egyptian nurse who had a cross around her neck and a simple band on her finger that probably was a purity ring or somethin 'cause there wasn't no rock. I gave her my number... date of birth, medical history, current symptoms, list of allergies. I don't think she'll be calling 😂. Anyway, after a frustrating day we was HANGRY. I realized Gabrielle has never had Ramen before, so when they set me free, we went to @hironori_craft_ramen in Long Beach and ordered everything on the menu. Ramen, fried chicken, pork buns, edamame. She LOVED every bite. A sweet ending to a bitter day. Thankful for sisters and kind nurses and healing soup. For those who don't know, I'm sick, like, REALLY sick, but don't worry, I've been REALLY sick for 10 years and I still be grindin and creating and prayin and livin. Still Alive&ill. Go spin my throwback poetry album when u get a chance... and also spin A Time Like This again 'cause it still slap and America still racist. #fightevilwithpoetry #aliveandill #atimelikethis #ulcerativecolitis

ER for breakfast. Ulcerative Colitis kickin my butt. Stay strong y'all. If I been MIA dis why.

This song. The harmonies. The lyrics. Too good. The original version with just @kimbramusic is fire too. Just different. Go get all up in yo feels. #lyrics #singersongwriter #inspired #fightevilwithpoetry

Whole. Enough. Dis one's for a friend. Maybe you too. Keep loving. #fightevilwithpoetry

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