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micah bruner  You dont have to follow me...Im just out here walking blind, trusting God Chasing gains and collecting points on my papa johns app🍕 #faithOverFear

sometimes the best answer to our prayer, is being told no. Because it will only prevent us from getting a better yes...later
sometimes, we onyl want them, because they dont really give the effort we want. Its not real desire....its our pride, because we want to feel like we are good enough to make them want us
once you get over that mentality, you will stop wasting alot of time im rooms, you were never suppose to go into. You will start to live....free

thank you...
we worry about too much stuff, that has already worked out, maybe not how we want....but best
stop allowing irrelevance, become so relevant

and vice versa. If your partner isnt your biggest support system, they werent meant for you 🤷‍♂️

🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️I was just mindin my own business, then they wanna come along with there innocent sales pitch and dangerously delicious cookies, and just mess up my healthy eating routine.....but yea...let me get both those🤷‍♂️

I woke up in my own place, remembering what its like to not
Im able to see,
when there are people who have bever seen the sky
I have family,
when kids have been seperated from theirs at the border
I have a job,
when I remember praying for one
I have my health,
when someone has chemo this morning
I have peace,
when ive seen depression
No matter what I dont have, I know my joy can never be taken by my circumstances, by people or anythign else that didnt breathe life into me
You may not be where you want in life, but you arent where you were, and still here.....to get where you want to be

stop making excuses to keep, what keeps giving you reasons to go
there is nothing wrong with saying, they arent the one for you. It doesnt make you a failure to decide to quit.
We fail when we fear to quit, because we feel we need them or that we HAVE to make them see our worth

Remember when yall broke up and you felt you wouldnt ever want another....that sick feeling...loss of appetite. Now you look back and wouldnt ever go back. Its crazy how that works
That high of feeling love, releases a dopamine similar to heroin. So when it comes time to let go, you go through withdrawal (the cant eat, sleep, function stage), But when your dopeness kicks back in, you see it for what it was.
Emotions can lie, especially when you refuse to admit that the addiction to the person was doing more harm than good...but...it always works out best when you put self respect first....and break free from the need of them, to smile
#NewnessIsExciting #LiveFreeLaughHard

face I make when I know that Imma be eating a pizza soon
smile, shit could be worse.
life is about perspective

one of the best lessons Ive learned about trying to figure everything out, os to stop trying to have it all figured out.
Stress and unhappiness comes from NEEDING it to go how we plan,
but peace and low stress come from saying "no matter what, I will win, imma be fine cause God has it"
#healthyliving .
remove SITUATIONAL HAPPINESS, where you think you will be fine...if this happens, if you get this person, if they approve of you.
HAPPINESS isnt in a destination or person....its a choice

some are still talking about what you did years ago, who you messed with, what struggles you faced, what rumors were going around....
but just stay focused.... you didnt get this far, by giving attention to irrelevance
people who get it, grow daily, they arent who they were 3 months ago, let alone, years ago.
The information you hear about them, is outdated....go to the source

God will allow your legs to break, then tell you to walk.
Just so you can understand fully the magnitude of faith and grasp the fact that what you currently see, doesnt dictate what is possible with it.
Just so you can learn that your situation doesnt dictate your strenth
sometimes you have to be stripped of everything you thought you needed, just so you can learn that those things never were capable of sustaining you.
To learn that peace only has one source

hope I got this stuck in someones head today 💪💪

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