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One of the hallmarks of my coaching is my insistence that my contortion students do the “neck sit-up”. This is demonstrated by @aerialtee here in this hands-free cobra. You see at the start, she has a neutral head during the tricep presses then she takes it back in the foot-to-head shape. And then, in the last foot-to-head, she engages her cervical flexors to bring her head back to neutral. This wasn’t easy at first for @aerialtee but she has put in the practice and applied careful discipline to her contortion training. It shows beautifully, no? #contortiontraining

It me. 🦕🦕🦕 With the @nata3787 🌟👈🏼

I’m very excited to meet with students @aerialtee and @danfincie today over Skype as well as @coachgabriella and @cadiebp in person in Baltimore tomorrow. I’m grateful to have a platform to empower others to practice and learn and grow. Teaching is truly an outlet for my voice. Thank you for listening. 🙏🏼❤️ #flexibility #contortiontraining #coach

I worked with a 5 Lb weight yesterday to help me deepen this open chain backbend. It felt amazing to have the extra feedback from the weight. #contortiontraining #flexibility

Lock in to your confidence and move without fear. #handstand

Big shout out to @hashtagtran for her complete commitment to excellence. Contortion training is not always about working to maximum capacity. Yes, push yourself. Yes, go as far as you can. But first, slow yourself down enough to gain clarity on alignment. That’s what @hashtagtran does so well. Bravo! #contortiontraining #flexible #catcowpose

What’s been running through my mind is the concept of success based on expectations. Roger Bannister was the first person to run a mile in under 4 minutes. Before him it was thought to be impossible. People believed that your heart could not sustain it. They believed it would kill you. Roger Bannister proved them wrong, and soon after the record was broken dozens of times by a multitude of athletes. It was the expectation that was holding people back, and with the new expectation came new success. Our minds hold our limitations more than our physical reality does. Remember that the next time you think, “I can’t”. #believeinyourself #contortion #handstand

Who else is working on this move? Tag someone who would love a tutorial for #needlescale 💫 #contortion #flexibility #contortiontraining

In handstand, you want to try and create a well rounded backbend. But what often happens is a tight funneling of bend in the lower back (lumbar spine) which can be somewhat uncomfortable because it overloads that area with pressure. The lower back is pulled deeper into extension by the weight of the legs. More so than the middle and upper spine due to the fact that the upper body is in a supporting role and the lower body is open and almost dangling. If you’ve tried this pose before, you know what I mean. It’s a wild sensation! This is why I believe it’s very IMPORTANT to engage different positions in the legs, (stag, split, straight knees, etc) positions which help to engage the abdomen so that the extension in the lower back moves up toward the middle spine. BE CAREFUL about trying solely to squeeze the hamstrings in order to get your feet to your head (this goes for any inversion like forearm-stand and chest-stand). This will tend to lock the middle back and over stretch the lumbar spine, which will cause the backbend to look like the letter L, instead of a nice, tight C shaped backbend. C is for #contortion. That’s good enough for me! 😊 #handstand #flexible #flexibilitytraining 🤸🏼‍♂️🤸🏼‍♂️🤸🏼‍♂️TAG SOMEONE WHO IS WORKING ON HANDSTAND!!

It’s intense to yield your gaze upwards in this pose. It takes trust and communication to take your eyes off the balance point and still move toward a deeper position. Sensing your body in space and maintaining your aim and your sense of self; that is the challenge. #needlescale #balance

This drill demonstrates a microcosm of the order of operations for safely deepening back flexibility. First active, then passive and then more passive, then active again. Each turn you take pushing on your elasticity is an opportunity to demonstrate skill AND control. Treat your flex with respect! #flexible #strong #contortiontraining

Want to learn how to activate deeper and more controlled backbends while in the splits? Just stick with me, y’all! Tag someone who would rock at this drill! #splits #activeflexibility #circus #yoga @circusaroundtheworld @flexibilitynation

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