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My favorite date. #dips

I think it’s time I get my chest tattoos all fixed up. Anyone in LA wanna take on the cause? #helpwanted #touchmethere

Pure Titanium wrapped in cashmere.

You know how you become a survivor and not a victim? You be thankful for every fucking thing the universe has given you. Whether it’s good or bad, the universe only gives you lessons to learn from. You can stay in one place or you can ascend. Always look for the lessons. Always choose love. Always be thankful.

Happy birthday Auntie @quartkneerae We love you!

This picture was from one year ago today. July 4th, 2017. I remember being so scared and so alone. I had this brand new love in my life but I was also dealing with heartache. My friend @drdavemd graciously invited me down to the 2nd st block party the Dominicans throw every year. I got to have my Son spend his first major holiday doing one of my favorite things, being a New Yorker. I miss NYC so much. But this year has taught me a lot. How to mend my own heart, how to pick myself back up, how to cope without people I thought would be in my life for a long time a certain way. This year taught me that only a select few are really down for me. And that I gotta do shit for myself and that nobody is gonna put me back on my own two feet but myself. And as emo as I am right now, lying in bed next to my Son as the Venice Beach fireworks blast off in the sky above, I’m simply grateful.

I waited my whole life for a love like this. I may not do things the way everyone else does, but the path I chose led me right where I belong.


Today was so perfect, I had to share.

While we are shocked that so many celebrities, as of late, have been taking their own lives... let’s not forget that nearly 45,000 people a year commit suicide. We can post all the 1800 numbers we want, but that is far from a solution. I’ve been on the edge myself, a million years ago, but I know first hand the last thing I wanted to do was to talk to anyone. Let alone a stranger. The thing we need to look at is mental health. Yeah Bourdain lived a life where he did what he wanted and didn’t play by the rules. And yeah you could say that he went out the way he lived his life, on his own terms. But that’s bullshit at the end of the day to his loved ones and his daughter. My cousin Matt shot himself in the head not too long ago. I watched it affect my family in a way we had never been shaken before. There needs to be more light shone on mental illness. There’s a bad taste in everyone’s mouths for medication right now because of how shady the medication companies are. But I believe that we need to open our eyes to meds helping brains that are sick. I’m saddened by the deaths that have been occurring lately in the celebrity world. But please people, let’s not overlook the 45,000 people who suffer yearly and the families that come with them. Please don’t be afraid to seek help from a credited doctor. I’m so sorry everyone is hurting the way they are. Sending out love to anyone who needs it today. Hit up my email if anyone’s feeling like they’ve hit a low and need an ear. If you would like to learn more about how suicide affects our pockets please go to https://www.sprc.org/about-suicide/costs

First trip to the 🏖 was a hit. I’m still trying to get used to this thing you call sun. 🧛‍♀️

I’m just trying to take better care of my spirit in a world that encourages energy dismantlement. If I’m acting differently, I caught on.

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