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My funny valentine.

Since the moment I found out I was prego it’s been a non stop love fest. Everyday is Valentine’s Day with Axton. This love💕 Happy hearts day to you and yours from me and my love bug.

You wanna know what being a parent of a child under 5 is like? 50% of the day I am this guy.

My lil cub is 9 months today.

I feed my Son healthy nutritious food now so that he grows up to be a strong man that makes healthy decisions. I’m not afraid to dress my Son in hand me down baby clothes from my big sisters kids so that one day he knows how to be humble. I spoil my Son rotten but also am quick to tell him no when I have to so that one day he knows that he can’t always get what he wants. And when he’s old enough I’ll tech him that he CAN have anything if he works hard enough. And to never take anything for free, that nothing goes unpaid for because the price is not always money. And I always rub my Sons head as he’s falling asleep so that he feels comforted and safe and hopefully one day when he chooses a good women as a mate she can rub his head and remind him that he’s well taken care of still. Maybe that’s too much, but I wish mother’s thought like that a little bit more. There’d probably be a lot less dead beats in the world. Everything I do as a mama will affect Axton. I am in no way perfect and love learning from my mistakes. But the one thing I always focus on is that it’s up to me to make sure he learns how to be a damn good man. When you have children you have A world of responsibilities. It’s up to you to decide what kind of people you want your children to be. Not everyone gets that. Not everyone cares. Be the kind of parent you wish you had growing up.

I’m not entirely sure why, but this makes me cry. @iamstevent


How you sleep when all you know is love.

Been feeling a little down on myself health and body wise. Put my self care to the side and forgot about me for a minute. But today I saw myself in the mirror with my Son on my hip and I had to take a deep breath and remember who the fuck I am. I am his mother and my hips were 39 years in the making to be a place for him to rest while I guide him though this life. Ladies, wether you have babies or not, remember... Hips were made for carrying stuff. Never feel bad about what Mother Nature and evolution have given you. #bootybootybootybootyrockineverywhere

You know you’re a mom when... you take a 20 minute shower when your kids asleep on a Tuesday night and it feels like a week long vacation to the Bahamas. #momlifebelikethat

Today is a great day. If I could only get him to sit still for a kiss. Typical boy.

My guy had Oreo for the first time today and went bananas.

Takin it waaaaaay back with @ladolcegilda She doesn’t know this, but I still have a cassette recording of us singing the Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian and we fight over who’s gonna do the whistle part.

[Instrumental Outro]

When everyone leaves, the baby is fast asleep and your friends leave behind their holiday flair and Coquito and you can lay around in your underwear with zero responsibility. #mamawolflifebelikethat #puertoricanpimpjuice Merry Christmas my loves.

My patchouli angel.

I was blessed to spend my bday tonight with this motley crew. These people showed me a lot of love and support this year and I am forever indebted to them. Major shout out to @chefjohncreger for hooking up the illest meal I’ve had in a long ass time. Today was the perfect birthday. Thank you my friends.

The double look of excitement when you wake up in the middle of the night to early birthday messages for Mama. It’s the little things that mean the most. I’d rather that than any bought gift. I’m loved, I’m blessed and I have everything I could ever want in my heart. Thank you.

A couple months ago I asked all my survivors, my warriors, my people who have “been through it” to send me inspirational words of wisdom that helped them get passed the hard times. And I’m proud to announce that some of those quotes are now written on the walls of our first ever Janie’s House in Douglasville, Georgia. This house will be a safe haven for abused and neglected girls to get the support and help to heal and “get through it” like so many of us have had to do. My heart is so full knowing these vulnerable girls will get some much needed love and the attention they so deserve. If you would like to give the gift of donation this holiday season, head over to @janiesfund and click the link to the website. You can make a monthly or a one time donation. Anything helps. Sending love and kindness to all who need it right now. #nonprofit #janieshouse #janiesgotafund #pma


I can’t believe I made Him.

I am so proud of my angelic gypsy kindred soul of a friend @jimmywebbnyc His new store @ixneedxmore is like taking a peak inside his heart and soul. Love you Jimmy ♥️🔥💋🔥🖤

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