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emily-jo small👼🏼  hoping for better days! I stand by ariana💔

still so shook with what happened last night! i wish the injured an easy recovery!! another 20 people in our fandom lost😭you are in everyone's thoughts and prays!! WE LOVE YOU😓😭 stay strong Manchester💛💛💛 #istandbyariana #hopingforbetterdays #prayformanchester❤️

partner in crime🌹💓

can always count on ig to ruin the quality :(

ma faves💓☁️

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bestfriend💗 can't believe your 13!!☹️☹️ we've had the best memories like when we went to yours and tried to think of halloween makeup for the next day😂 and when we always take a photo with Santa hats on at the Christmas comp✌🏽and when we used to make twining musicallys,and that time we tried to make the mirror challenge but it failed hahah😂 and all our sleepovers,days out, gym parties!💓 we have countless inside jokes like paprika,mozzarella, legs open for the bar,chicken, #lookatmycurlyfinger, and so many more😂😭thankyou for being there for me through everything because I couldn't imagine a world without you in it😊 n I can't wait till we are older to do everything we've planned like double weddings, and living together, and travelling the world🌸✨ so have the best birthday ever because I know that you deserve it so so much😘 (p.s. our streak is on 134🥂) @jennyworthxx @jennyworthxx @jennyworthxx @jennyworthxx @jennyworthxx @jennyworthxx @jennyworthxx @jennyworthxx



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ELLA HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! as if my bestfriend 13 and you older than me now😩 you've been there since Day 1 and i wouldn't change you for the world💗 I hope you have the best day because you deserve it so much! we've had so many memories like when we went to France (n I can't remember much cos i was 4)😂 and the yorkshire pudding😂 and in primary when we had all of them inside jokes like Kev the bus driver, belly button, Rebecca, Jackie Chan and so many more😂😭 even though you've moved schools, i still see you all the time because we are practically attached to each other, and at least you don't have to moan because your "sick of being 12"😂👍🏼 love you lots n lots,have the best day b🌸✨
(p.s. our streaks on 75💪🏼)
@ella.jacksonnn @ella.jacksonnn @ella.jacksonnn @ella.jacksonnn @ella.jacksonnn @ella.jacksonnn @ella.jacksonnn @ella.jacksonnn

@tiaabbz03 n @ellie.louuu chose🌸✨

happy birthday to one of my bestfriends and teammates!! HOPE YOU HAVE THE BEST 14th EVER!!!🌸✨we've had endless amount of memories, countless inside jokes and SO SO SO many more to come! have the best day of your life because you deserve it so much, I love you all the world👑✌🏽 (p.s. our streak is on 130💜)
@xaimee.elizabethx @xaimee.elizabethx @xaimee.elizabethx @xaimee.elizabethx

HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY to the best sisters ever💗 hope you have the best day gorgeous girls, I love you so much✨🌸Xox


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