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Mia Stammer / MamaMiaMakeup  📍Bali, Indonesia miastammer@mattermediagroup.com #traveller

breathe ✨
breath is usually controlled by the subconcious... Breathe in breathe out... controlled by the mind, i enter a magical place.
An oasis of thoughts i can almost taste.
Interlaced thoughts of careless mistakes,
fear not the pain, relax, embrace
breathe in breathe out,
True bliss awaits 🦋
a little something i learned when trying the Wim Hof breathing method. Thank you @skybearb for your incredible guidance
📷: @kylehatch21

Nothing can get me down today because #chorizoisback at @chipotle!!! 🌯✨ #chipotlechorizo #ad

ive learned a lot this week...
went through the craziest journey mentally and made some huge strides with my health... both mentally and physically.
ive learned to open myself up to those around me and release my fear of judgement...
i learned that whats in my head is so powerful and i could either let my negative thoughts control my life and body, or channel my thoughts into something so beautiful and positive.
i want to start using this platform to tell stories, share my knowledge, and take you along the path that is my life. connection... is so important. im excited and ready to connect with you all more.
A million thanks to @alliemichellel & @skybearb for changing my life and helping me take these steps into a healthy mindset. And to these girls @endijakalnina & @daniellechatz (among SO MANY OTHERS on this retreat) for supporting me throughout this journey🦋


seriously the happiest i’ve ever been in my entire life ❤️

Nothings better than being comfy at home ☁️ I just filmed a house tour with @awesomenesstv! Make sure you watch it on their channel! ✨ #ad #CarpeNowHCo #HCoPartner

good morning bali 🦋 (probs should have shaved my legs before this...😂)

bang bang 💫

day dreaming ☁️ @mavlashextensions
Ps! Wearing @sierrafurtado’s sweatshirt from her collection with @garageclothing💕 im a proud mama ✨✨

abs come thruuuuu! @soulcycle #soulgifted

pretending not to be cold because i wanna be cool 🇬🇧✨

stimulate ✨ your ✨ mind ✨

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