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Excels in warmer climates 🍝

📍still not back in Sri Lanka

If you need me for the next few weeks while my Facebook memories vividly remind me of my trip I’ll be mentally posted up on this balcony sipping Ceylon tea watching the surf #35mm 🇱🇰

Missing my Persian rose 🥀 @ari.ltd

La mer. Le vibe.

Should I listen to Kanye and think about me or listen to Drake and think about you. #likekanyeloveskanye

Don’t run from love.
Fly close to the sun and let it burn you.
Permit the melted wings of Icarus
to drown you in the crushing depths
of the ocean.
Feel it.
Feel it so deeply that it hurts.
That’s what love is here for.
To consume you
to the brink if mortality.
To drag you over the escarpment of bliss
which looks out upon the horizon
of everything you fear.
When you are all but crushed
under loves weight
and believe you will die without it.
That’s when you truly know
you’re alive.

Forever mood 🥂

Channeling my inner Stepford Wife for the #magicmillionspolo with @harroldsaus #HARROLDSxVCPRich

Post Christmas juice cleanses that involve hard liquor #thisismenow 🦋

Just add tinsel 🎄@vergegirl

Planning the next trip

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