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Ahmed  AlhamdoLILLAH for all blessings

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This needed to be said! 💯
In shaa Allah share with your loved ones so that they may benefit too
As Muslims we Treat EVEYONE as equals no matter what skin colour or background. Honestly we all need to unite together and remember that together we are stronger and that together, we can truly make a difference in this dunya.
Support the purpose, gain rewards by simply sharing.And remember every reminder benefits the believer.😊❤
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So sad for all this...but reality is if that was happen in any muslim country than every body is start blaming ISLAM and TALIBAN.
Here is a qurestion?
Why Americans dont say shooter is a Christian terrorist and Trump supporting terrorism?
Whats the matter a small kid did all these in America and it was never happened any where in world by a kid?
Thats what UN and USA ruined thousand of childrens life in Muslim coutries by naming them a terrorist.
You dont need muslim terrorist in America because you were growing your own kids by giving them training of taliban.

WARNING BEFORE PLAYING - Footage during school shooting.
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You two are such a great hosts
Thanks for dinner #qasim #usman

Don't be overconfident 😂

Enjoying a cup of coffee with a tiny molten lava cake at GJ
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The biographers and historians differed concerning the day and month of the birth of the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). This is something for which there is good reason, as it was not known what status this newborn would achieve; his situation was like that of any other newborn. Hence no one can state with certainty the date of his birth (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). There is nothing in the Qur’aan to say that we should celebrate the Mawlid or birthday of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). The Prophet himself (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) did not do this or command anyone to do it, either during his lifetime or after his death. Indeed, he told them not to exaggerate about him as the Christians had exaggerated about Jesus (upon whom be peace). He said: “Do not exaggerate about me as the Christians exaggerated about the son of Maryam. I am only a slave, so say, ‘The slave of Allaah and His Messenger.’” (Reported by al-Bukhaari

Moreover, we know that the Sahaabah (may Allaah be pleased with them) were the people who loved the Prophet most. Was it reported that Abu Bakr, who was the closest of people to him and the one who loved him the most, celebrated the birthday of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)? Was it reported that ‘Umar, who ruled for twelve years, or ‘Uthmaan, did this? Was it reported that ‘Ali, his relative and foster son, did this? Was it reported that any of the Sahaabah did this? No, by Allaah! Is it because they were not aware of its importance, or did they not truly love the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)? No one would say such a thing except one who has gone astray and is leading others astray.Moreover, we know that the Sahaabah (may Allaah be pleased with them) were the people who loved the Prophet most. Was it reported that Abu Bakr, who was the closest of people to him and the one who loved him the most, celebrated the birthday of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)

May Allāh guide us right.

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Subhan-Allah, some people have a tendency of perfection.
House needs to be perfect,
Car, job, salary needs to be perfect.
Husband/wife have to be perfect, love life must have to be perfect, Wedding reception needs to be perfect.
Dress should be matched with shoes, jewellery needs to be perfect, they want to have all perfect things, this - that and what not!
When it comes to be the perfect Slave of Allah, perfect ummah of Rasool Allah ﷺ, follower of Quran and Sunnah then they all become far far away from the ....P.... of Perfection. .
Ohhh My Brothers and Sisters,
Is these what you call Perfection?
Is it where you are seeking perfectness?
In this worldly life?
From the external features?
Among the imperfect people?
Then making mistake is better than showing your fake perfection. Becoz you my dear,
u are seeking perfection from all the imperfect things !
You need to Follow Islam
becoz -"Islam is Perfect". Read Quran becoz -"Quran is Perfect with everlasting words".
Work for Jannah -" Jannah is Perfect"
Have faith on Allah's plan becoz -"His timing is Perfect"
Follow Muhammad ﷺ-
"Perfect model for Human Life".
And Above all....
When you keep Allah and His Love in the Core of Your Heart putting earthen desires aside then everything will be Perfect.
الله المستعان
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Our provision, lifespan, our deeds, our abode in the hereafter and a persons whole life have been written before we were born
Allāh ﷻ says: [interpretation of the meaning]
❝Indeed, all things We created with predestination.❞ 📔💐[Qur’ān 54:49]
❝Allāh eliminates what He wills or confirms, and with Him is the Mother of the Book.❞
📔💐[Qur’ān 13:39]
It was narrated by Abdullāh Ibn Mas’ūd – May Allāh ﷻ be pleased with her – that The Prophet ﷺ said:
❝The creation of everyone of you starts with the process of collecting the material for his body within forty days and forty nights in the womb of his mother. Then he becomes a clot of thick blood for a similar period [40 days] and then he becomes like a piece of flesh for a similar period. Then an angel is sent to him [by Allāh]and the angel is allowed [ordered] to write four things; his livelihood, his [date of] death, his deeds, and whether he will be a wretched one or a blessed one [in the Hereafter] and then the soul is breathed into him.❞
📔💐[Sahīh al-Bukhari 7454]
There are some acts that have been mentioned in the Sunnah that will effect a persons decree like du’ā, upholding kinship etc. Allāh knows whether His slave will uphold the ties of kinship or make du’ā, so He writes in al-Lawh al-Mahfooz that this person will have more provision or a longer life span.
This does not mean a person should stop striving as Allāh has created a means to reach every objective
It was narrated by Alī – May Allāh ﷻ be pleased with him – who said:
❝We were in a funeral in the graveyard of Gharqad when Allāh Messenger ﷺ came to us and we sat around him. He had a stick with him. He lowered his head and began to scratch the earth with his stick, and then said:
There is not one amongst you whom a seat in Paradise or Hell has not been allotted and about whom it has not been written down whether he would be an evil person or a blessed person.
A person said: O Messenger of Allāh ﷺ, should we not then depend upon our destiny and abandon our deeds?
Continued in the comments 👇🏻

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المقاومة ضد العنف تجاه النساء والأطفال والشيوخ المسنين وتدمير ديار الأبرياء من غير سبب والإفتعال مع نساء ملتزمات بيوتهن وبنات الصغيرات السن يعني الباكرات وقتل وحرق وذبح الرجال المسؤولون عن رعيته وأصبحت نسائهم أرامل انشرورا .. ليعلم العالم حقيقة ما يجري بحق مسلمي هذه أحوال اللاجئين الروهنغية في البحث عن مأكل ومشرب والأدوية
#أراكان#روهنجيا#بورما#ميانمار#To teach the world what is happening to the Muslims of these conditions of the Rohingya refugees in the searchfor food, drink and medicines

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subhan allah سبحان الله

Some people arent 2 face

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