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miamoretti  Music player booty shaker movie maker. Subscribe #whattolistentowhen @spotify + watch it live 📽⬇️ #Pillowsandplates on insta-story now.

Scoma’s Lazy Man’s Cioppino. Everything the fishermen pulled into the pier this morning, sopped up in a tomato broth just like mom makes it. #fishermanswharf #sanfrancisco #pillowsandplates

If you’re going to San Francisco, yes wear flowers in your hair, but also spend a day perusing the poetry room at City Lights bookstore in the heart of North Beach and then get lost in the light of fog blanketing the hills drifting in at night through the Golden Gate while reciting poems a la Ferlinghetti himself. Part 2 of #PillowsandPlates Episode 5: Bay Area (Straight from the 💛) is now live on my insta-story. If you missed Part 1, you can watch it in my highlights reel 📽🎞⤴️.

I never considered myself particularly connected to my hometown, I never doted a varsity jacket or showed my hometeam pride with a namesake baseball cap or hoodie. Maybe because I’m not particularly “sporty” I didn’t have a team to root for, to side with, to throw my hands up in the air in a dizzy over. However, going back to the Bay over the summer to show my best friend @globaliza around, I found all sorts of childhood nostalgia pouring down. I suddenly became protective and proud over the Bay, like it was my child. I realized for the first time that I could have never of found a better place to have grown up in than the Bay. I feel a tie to everyone I meet around the world that’s from Nor Cal, a bond, an education, a light, a secret. Where we are from always stays with us in life and going back to embrace and rediscover this place has been enlightening for me. Episode 5 (part I) of #pillowsandplates Bay Area: Straight From The 💛 is now live on insta-story @creativegrowth @californiatypewriter @athletics @hogislandoysterco #pearlspa #benkyodo

In episode 5 of #pillowsandplates I thought it was time to go back to my roots, to the place I was born and raised. How much of who I am is attributed to the beautiful diversity and inclusivity of the city I was raised in. Sometimes I forget everyone in this country didn’t grow up with the same progressive culture I too oft take for granted. It’s a remarkable place (with an arguably even more remarkable food scene) that I am so proud to be a part of; no matter where I end up, I’ll always be a Bay Area girl. Pillows & Plates: Bay Area (Straight from the 💛) directed and shot by @globaliza is live on instastory now.

Goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere ✨

Doubled down on a week long dose of some Southern Sisterhood. Spending time with friends and friends of friends always reminds me how much more there is to learn, how many incredible souls there are out there to connect with and how much joy it brings me to grow these friendships all around the world. Thank you New Orleans for holding the space for us this week and thank you @cleowade for being born. We are all so blessed. 🙏💛🌻 (📸: @callmemargot / @mollyihoward / @globaliza)

She’s the woman who makes you feel loved from the furthest corner of the universe, who makes you feel seen in ways you didn’t even know how to see yourself and who makes every room you step into feel like home. You’ve shared with me not only your heart, your soul, your family, your passion, your bottomless pit of creativity, but more than anything you have shared with me your undying will to live. To do more. Be more. Push more. To expect more and not be afraid to demand more. Not just out of the world, but out of ourselves. You are an everyday blessing thirty times over. Thank you for doing such a dang good job at being YOU. Happy birthday miss @cleowade 👑❤️

My inner New Orleans is in bloom. Who dat? 🌿🌺

I read this as “Hello storm, you are welcoming fires...” perspective is everything ⛈🔥. (Artwork by @xoaubriecostello)

But most of all i shall remember the monarchs, the unhurried westward drift of one small winged form after another, each drawn by some invisible force. #silentspring #rachelcarson

More playboy than bunny ☕️ #nyc #nyfw (📸: @globaliza)

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