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Miami Pro  Fitness Modelling Championships

New Mr MODEL winner!
Congrats to MP Pro @kieran_a_s_pt who's our new Mr MODEL European winner #PerfectModel

Next Event: MP UNIVERSE 22nd Oct
Entry at #Fitnessgoals #miamipro #Motivation
Photo by @matt__marsh
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Congrats to our new MP Pro @joshwatsonuk who's the new Fitness Model European champ (over 75kg). Wow what an amazing physique! Well done Josh and welcome to the Miami Pro family 🏆. Next Event: MP UNIVERSE 22nd Oct
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State photos : @matt__marsh
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New MP Pro @xxjamesstuartxx looking totally HOT & killing his prize shoot with photographer @simon_barnes_ yesterday. James won this prize from Simon at the MP EUROPEAN last Sunday. Congrats James, you're on fire! Big thanks to Simon for sponsoring this prize.
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#Fitnessgoals #miamipro #Motivation

Huge congrats to 19yr old new MP Pro Fitness Model (under 75kg) winner and also Teens Fitness Model winner @Adonis_georgiou 🔥. Wow he killed the stage! #CrowdPleaser
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Photo by @matt__marsh
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NEW CATEGORY! Inked Fitness Model. Starting at the MP UNIVERSE 22nd Oct. Get involved, Get recognised, Get the Miami Pro experience #Boom.

This is an open category, no weight or height restrictions.
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Photo by @matt__marsh
#Fitnessgoals #miamipro #Motivation

BIG Congrats to our gorgeous Overall Ms Bikini Champion @sherry.m_mp_pro who also won her MP Pro card and a shoot with @matt__marsh🔥. Next Event: MP UNIVERSE 22ND OCT
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Stage photos by @matt__marsh #Fitnessgoals #miamipro #Motivation

Here he is! The new Overall Fitness Model European champion @sheldonoscar_bc 👌. Simply dominating the stage! Huge congrats to this beast, his physique was breath taking in every way.

Photos by @matt__marsh
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Entry at #Fitnessgoals #miamipro #Motivation

New MP Overall Fitness Model European champion @Sheldonoscar_bc totally killing it on stage last Sunday at the MP EUROPEANS #Wow. That's fitness goals right here! Huge congrats Sheldon 🔥. Next Event: MP UNIVERSE 22nd Oct
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#Fitnessgoals #miamipro #Motivation

Huge congrats to new MP Pro & Junior Ms Bikini & Ms MODEL winner @annafituk who won 2 categories at the MP EUROPEANS last Sunday. Looking fabulous Anna. Congrats!
Photos by @matt__marsh

Next Event: MP UNIVERSE 22nd Oct
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The look when you win #Priceless🏆.
Our new MP Pro & Muscle Model champ
@stekissfitness is over the moon with his win and we can see why, 10 out 10 physique and a winning smile!
More photos & show report up next week on

Photos by @matt__marsh
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#Fitnessgoals #miamipro #Motivation

Top 5 Winners Results are now up! Congrats to all our competitors for competing, you're all #RockStars
Featuring Top 3 Bikini Winners

Stage photos by Matt Marsh
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Fitness Model UNDER 75kg (CLASS A)
1. Adonis Georgiou
2. Adrian Lee
3. Julian Sollai
4. George Benzar
5. Gheorghe – Ion - Avram

Fitness Model UNDER 75kg (CLASS B)
1. Ransford Lartey
2. Rob Brewer
3. Matthew Greenbank
4. Syed D M Abdi
5. Kieran Sauboorah

Fitness Model OVER 75kg (CLASS A)
1. Josh Watson
2. Greg Newlands
3. James Stuart
4. Jonny Amos
5. Jordyn Dyer

Fitness Model OVER 75kg (CLASS B)
1. Sheldon Oscar
2. Seb Clark
3. Tony Mentesh
4. Marius Marco
5. Steven Kiss

OVERALL ALL Fitness Model : Sheldon Oscar

Ms. Bikini SHORT (CLASS A)
1. Jade Muzoka
2. Elizabeth Costello
3. Gintare Ziliene
4. Anca Nicole Ward
5. Chanelle Williams

Ms. Bikini SHORT (CLASS B)
1. Sharareh Mohsenpour
2. Rachel Saunders
3. Lorna Lang – Evans
4. Leza Dare
5. Louise Mckevitt

Ms. Bikini TALL
1. Kitty Kinder
2. Lindsey Perry
3. Rael Duncan
4. Rose Parson
5. Lauren Restel

Overall Bikini Winner : Sharareh Mohsenpour

1. Alex Kokkonen
2. Tiffany Narbeth
3. Sophie Edwards
4. Jessica Thomson

Men Muscle Model
1. Steven Kiss
2. Paul Herbert
3. Sheldon Oscar
4. Oluwatosin Hakeem – Amao
5. Doug Pickering

LADIES Fitness Model
1. Rachel Saunders
2. Eni Sebestyen
3. Rael Duncan
4. Sophie Edwards
5. Alex Kokkonen

Ms. Bikini Juniors (16-23yrs)
1. Anna Lepore
2. Georgia Feeney
3. Jasmine Brown
4. Daisy Waterhouse
5. Bethany Gray

Ms. Bikini Over 35s
1. Edit Balazs
2. Leza Dare
3. Vivi Jeppesen
4. Yvette Geary
5. Lisa Miller

TEENS Fitness Model
1. Adonis Georgiou
2. Sameer Ahmad
4. Arda Bayar
5. James Vogle

Ms. Model
1. Anna Lepore
2. Alison Mccaffery
3. Bethany Gray
4. Agne Tuminauskaite
5. Elizabeth Costello

Junior Fitness Model
1. Bryan Antonio Ramirez Pino
2. Zachary Bond
3. Sean Adams
4. Rory Bratt

LADIES Muscle Model
1. Alex Kokkonen
2. Sophie Edwards
3. Adel Murphy
4. Debra Husband
5. Tiffany Narbeth

MEN MEN Fitness Model Over 35s
1. Paul Herbert
2. Lee Archer
3. Tony Mentesh
4. Lewis Foot
5. Aaron Farmier

Congrats to the Top 3 Ms. MODEL winners, wow aren't our competitors just gorgeous! And Huge congrats to Ms Model winner @Annafituk who looked stunning 👌. Photos by @matt__marsh
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Next Event: MP UNIVERSE 22nd Oct
Entry at #Fitnessgoals #miamipro #Motivation

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