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No matter who comes at you , Even your family can turn against you , you have to believe and keep going and the universe will tell u , if u are on the right path. Doing duty without supervision ,
Just 3rd 👁vision .

Thank you #NDNF for having the doc open the festival. I Photoshoped Steve out - thank you to everyone that came to see it!!! 😚

NYC coming truh

Through how they hold certain people down it’s easy to see who they uphold! Through who they uphold it’s easy to see how lost they want you !!!869k for a year now.
Instagram is like FAKEBOOK. They want to let you know that my social media presence is weak but they manufactured the concept of what is weak what is strong . Now look at what this little game does to everything. Insecurity jealousy envy rivalry greed.
Can we move it along. Darkness breeds darkness .
Instagram ....

When u refrence ur own dipdye


happy mothers day.

MIA with POT

@cphdox 2nd screening and talk added for 15th . C u then. Doll by @j.auston

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