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Southern Resident orcas are starving to death because their main food source, Chinook salmon, has been depleted due to habitat loss and degradation. The population is at a 30-year low. The first newborn in three years just died after his mother Orca Tahlequah carried him for 17 days and 1,000 miles in a heart wrenching demonstration of grief and mourn... A four-year-old member of Tahlequah’s orca clan is so emaciated that researchers can see her skull through her head. Sadly, researchers are not confident that this orca will survive, dealing potentially another blow to this fragile population that is already facing extinction.

But there may be hope on the horizon. Washington State Governor Jay Inslee formed the Southern Resident Orca Recovery Task Force to develop immediate and long-term actions to save Southern Resident orcas.

We are calling on Governor Inslee @govinslee and the Orca Recovery Task Force members to take these four actions:

1. Prioritize and accelerate habitat restoration for Chinook salmon
2. Increase and secure funding for pollution prevention and clean-up programs
3. Commit to a noise reduction goal with immediate actions to reduce harmful noise
4. Increase and maximize beneficial spill over the lower Snake and Columbia River dams and support actions to remove the four lower Snake River dams.
Please donate to @pnwprotectors & @oceana to help with this pledge 🐋

Let’s keep calling @govinslee ☎️(360) 902-4111
and asking him to breach the lower four snake river dams and to halt all salmon fishing IMMEDIATELY🆘

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Beautiful art by @swimming_in_moonlight

Con mis hermanas @localrose & @allmattersofspirit apoyando a todas las mujeres argentinas que están en estos momentos en las calles y plazas luchando por la legalización del aborto en mi país.
Es hora de que el @senadoargentina apoye nuestras voces y nuestros derechos. 💚 💚 💚 💚 Supporting all the Argentine women who are demonstrating today in order to legalize safe abortions in my country 🇦🇷
Let’s fight for not one more woman to die in vain 🙏🏻
#esley #quesealey #abortolegalya @estadolaicoya

As I sit before serving Tea I slowly become aware of my breath.
I listen to my heartbeat and connect with the fleeting present moment.
I give thanks for the opportunity of serving, for the space where Tea can just Be and simply wish for an open heart. A heart that is in an ever open flow no matter the hurdles, the pain and the tiredness of a deeply carved path.
I’m thankful for the possibility to give something back: Time, Intention, a clumsy attempt of Grace.
In yesterday’s Tea I was deeply grateful for the life of service of others who show the Way:
@morgann_francesca @noahlevine108 🖤@refugerecoverycenters #servingglobalteahut

📷 • Annika Zinn •

<<<<• ✨Atardecer✨ •>>>>
📷 • Annika Zinn •

In motion ✨

<<⚡️🐳🌴by @wyatthersey >>
📷 @taliamigliaccio

>>>>🌈 of Silk by @sun.c.h.i.l.d <<<< 📷@dustinyellin

Getting Reacquainted ✨

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When our⚡️TRIBE⚡️cleans up...
#VenitiansInSpain @christianamusk 💐@Kimbalmusk
📸 @chrisandruth

My favorite poem to my favorite bride.
I💙 you to the moon and back @christianamusk 💫

AND for what, except for you, do I feel love?
Do I press the extremest book of the wisest man
Close to me, hidden in me day and night?
In the uncertain light of single, certain truth,
Equal in living changingness to the light
In which I meet you, in which we sit at rest,
For a moment in the central of our being,
The vivid transparence that you bring is peace.

#wallacestevens 📸@chrisandruth

So many women I deeply adore gathered in this photo 🙌🏻 Some are my heroes, some are my best friends, some were in the bathroom for the shots but always present in my ♥️ (talking to you @salmahayek ) and, last but not least, for some I’m holding space as I watch them grow into young women. We all gathered in the last weeks to celebrate you @christianamusk & your wild and contagious love to @kimbalmusk
This is your community of magical, strong, powerful women and we’ll forever be stewards of your love. Forever ever your #bridesmaids 📸@chrisandruth

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