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Mia Sanchez Cutaia  IFBB BikiniPro🇵🇷 SiccMadeMuscleAthlete TraceMineralsResearch •IPR Fitness •ACBikinis •BigBoyMade •FitstyleBrand My Holistic Lifestyle 💕


#MCM 💝 MGOBI (Mah•go•bee) brings me so much joy everyday 😅 watching him grow into his own personality is priceless. He is so demanding, independent and obedient already and so curious 😃 I knew I wanted a dog but I didn’t know how much I needed this little one ❤️ it’s a kind of love that you cannot measure 😏 #newparent #bundleoflove #lovemybully #stupidcone @jamisoncutaia #startthemyoung #playtime

I ❤️ food 🙌cod,spinach,rice;super basic but efficient😊my GOAL next few weeks is to increase my intake before I begin to prep now that I’m exercising more after a long period of healing post op. I’m all about control and consistency. 90% of the time is a routine that I’ve tasked myself over the years. I give myself that 10% to have foods that aren’t so nutrient dense 🍨 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🍪 When it comes to self control/mindful eating most of the time is not achievable through 30day challenges/programs, competition prep or the elimination of foods you should or shouldn’t eat and it doesn’t have a specific deadline. Portion control is practiced forever and should eventually come with ease. It is a habit learned through time. It is not learned through deprivation of foods or fixed with any supplement/drug. I remember ten years ago when I served myself 3-4 plates during dinner then starved for days. I ate as if there wasn’t any sense of fullness. I couldn’t feel satiated. Anxiety often took over. Nothing was enough. There’s so many things that contributed to that endless bottomless pit of stomach such as lack of nutrient dense foods, over dosing with Rx on the daily, lack of rest/sleep or not enough, depression, anxiety, bad relationships, stress, jobs; NO SELF LOVE 💕 The point is that once you start and continue to adhere to a balanced intake and overcome whatever is keeping you from not having self control, it becomes easier. How you do that? Control your thoughts like your life depended on it. Why? Because it does. Satisfaction is mental. You are what you think. Your willpower will keep you grounded. You will experience change eventually and that will fuel your fire of wanting to learn how to attain a balanced intake eating the foods you love most. If I had to take back any of my past binges and struggles with foods: overeating, allergies, intolerances.. I would not change a thing. It’s taught me so much about my body. I welcome all bloating, all gut issues... why because I want to know how to fix it and become knowledgeable about everything that affects my body because it’s the only way I find out how to truly nourish IT 💕

Been so busy the past few weeks getting ready for this little guy to join our little family. We wanted to be prepared and ready to spoil him as much as possible 💕 meet Mgobi ❤️ So in love with his personality already. He is full of energy but at the same time so chill 🙌 first few videos are from the last two days the rest I’ve shared on my story as the weeks slowly passed for us to welcome him home 🏠 @jamisoncutaia and I are overjoyed with him! He is a handful and very loving! Right now he loves cuddle naps with us and lots of play time 😃 I cannot wait to keep sharing how he grows up🍄 he started his @bullymaxdogsupplements already and loves the vitamins and food too 😍 ten pounds 8weeks 😆 this is what I’ve been up to besides getting back at the gym slowly 😏 prep starts soon for all three of us 😎 hehe #mylife #familyfriday #puppy #welcomehome #cheerstoahealthylife #tricolorbully #lovehimsomuch 🙏 #blessed #lovemylittleguy

IF YOU KNOW ME you know I love deep fried shrimp! I make these FREQUENTLY 🦐 so here’s a healthier version jk there’s no real healthier version if you eat the whole pound 🤣 —Huge Big ol Wild Shrimp 🍤HOW TO: #airfried double dipped in cold pressed #organichempoil and seasoned #almondflour by @bobsredmill de-veined and with no tail on #hasslefreecooking 😏 poured my secret homemade #asiansesamesauce swipe for video 🙌EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK bc these are #addicting #obsessed 😍 #chefmia #flexibledieting #intuitiveeating #ishouldcookbookit #pescatarian #recipe #shrimprecipe #airfriedshrimp #healthieroptions

#threekingsday for me and my family today 💕 #storytime ☺️ when I was young, the night before the Kings came, me and my sister would get a cardboard box 📦 usually from some old shoes and we would fill it with grass for the camels 🐪 to eat 🙌 and we would leave water too 🤣 we would often get one shared present NOT a million. We learned to appreciate the ONE GIFT to SHARE between us two. I remember getting a Fisher-price full size kid kitchen and it would make all sort of boiling and sizzling noises 😂 After opening our present we would go watch the parade down town and celebrate Jesus birth 🙏 #traditions #childhoodmemories #puertorico photo credit @puertoricogram #saturdayvibes

@tracemineralsresearch #giveaway is in full swing! Don’t miss out on trying the new #TMRFitSeries — 🤞 winner will be chosen tomorrow #NEWYEARSDAY Go comment on their post (as shown in my igstory)✌️ #supplements #free #newyearnewyou #preworkout #freshstart #postworkout #sleepaid #recovery #vegan #glutenfree #phbalance #magnesium #TraceYourDay #miaifbbpro #athlete #ifbb

#HAPPYNEWYEARSEVE As I do my meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️ this morning, I choose to focus on letting BODY and MIND flow gracefully...opting to welcome change... every time I sit down and look at the BIG PICTURE/VISION BOARD... I close my eyes and I welcome balance and variety in itself to remain ever evolving. To welcome the idea of freeing my words in no precise manner or regret...to continue to be MYSELF in wealth, health, happiness, love and mindset 💕 Celebrate your ability be a part of human evolution; the one that happens mentally, the one that frees us from what we have adopted as NORMAL; the one that hosts all of our present knowledge 💕 there’s so many ways to live...make sure you’re truly living 🙇🏻‍♀️ #openyoursoul #namaste #bitmoji #powerofbreathing #freedomofevolution #puravida #pranayamas #freedomofmind #treepose #balance #yogini #becomemore #bepresent #yogisofinstagram #miaifbbpro #intentionalliving #highonlife #newyear

👩🏻‍🍳 CONFESSION POST HEHE TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE I would lie if I told you I didn’t have cookies each night for the past month or so yay #flexibledieting 😋 I have been experimenting away with tons of different ingredients to create my favorite cookie recipe and is still a work in progress 🤔 I am tracking my flexible intake post surgery so depending on what I have left and how much of a sweet tooth I have 🤫 I decide what I put in them 🤭 #chocolatecookies INGREDIENTS — one tbsp cold pressed #organichempoil, #dairyfree chocolate morsels from @enjoylifefoods maybe half a bag or so 😂 1/2 a tbsp baking soda, 3 tbsp of @nutiva hemp protein, homemade 1/4 cup of #almondmilk ha ask me about my milk nut sacks 😳 that’s another post 🤓🧐👩🏻‍🍳 #highfat #lowcarb #highprotein cookie 🍪 recipe and don’t forget to spray the pan with #coconutoil 🙄 or they will burn and stick to it...baked for 20 min at 325 degrees... swipe to see my reaction 🤣 ate all four in less than 5 minutes #tbt #postsurgery sweet tooth who am I kidding its every night for the last few weeks 😅 right after surgery I cut my carbs to 20% and kept my fats and protein at 40% so here is the result #obsessed #cookiemonstersarereal #superfoods #ketorecipes #cookiesarelife #addicted AND PLEASE EXCUSE MY HORRIBLE HABIT OF TALKING WITH MY MOUTH FULL 🤐 #foodiegram 🎥 @jamisoncutaia

#takemeback once more this year💚@angelcompetitionbikinis is still discounting QUICKSHIP suits until TODAY SHIPPED NEXT DAY! 👌 Very high quality suits and so many options 🤔 check under my tree link to see this exact suit 🙌 Dimond PRO on #Hologram #green #emeraldAB stones can’t wait to start perfecting my new routine with my posing coach because we all need a second pair of eyes and working my new program with coach. I’ve learned so much about myself this year alone and how I plan to move forward 😍 gets me even more excited 😆 #Bikini #acbikinis #npc #ifbb #bikiniposing #showday #tbt MUA @getflawlesshair HAIR @mickeyvo7 #greenqueen #greenismycolor #fitness #stageglam #stageready 🎥 Cred: @jamisoncutaia #siccmademuscle

Last #humpday of the YEAR #booty EVOLUTION edition SWIPE ✌️ first 2013-2014-2015-2016 last two 2017 👌 let’s hear it for 2018 gains 🙌 I will receive with legs sumo stance wide open 🤯I have put on about 15 pounds of muscle since I started 🤨 cannot wait to see what I can bring to the stage next year 😬 I’ve gotten plenty of rest and food 🤲I’m ready to keep WORKING for THIS life that keeps the #transformations coming SERIOUSLY 😒 life is about constant change EMBRACE THE CHALLENGES IT BRINGS YOU! I’m coming for you booty😤 #ifbbbikinipro

Don’t miss out on this #GIVEAWAY 🙌 great way to begin taking care of yourself from within! Go to TMR page and comment NOW 💕 You guys see me post on my story a lot about @tracemineralsresearch not every stack on social media feeds will have the ability to hydrate you the same while delivering antioxidants/electrolytes and amino acids to your body 🤭 minerals are and should be your number one go to when you adhere to a new program according to your specific goals. A good #PHbalance and limiting your body from any #acidicfoods will result a better #cardiovascular response altogether 🤔 heck #musclegrowth retention, #fatloss 😅 you name it 🙌 a better #immunesystem thus absorbing your #nutrients properly 🙂 you #FEEL better you #DO better in LIFE and that’s a fact BUT nothing works if you aren’t #CONSISTENT 👊 and do not nourish your body properly and just do it for the looks... or don’t give yourself the chance to try something NEW ✌️#ifbbbikinipro #preworkout #postworkout #supplements #guthealth #vegetarian #vegan #glutenfree

#breakfastofchampions #kitchenshananigans heres what a breakfast now days look for me! #obsessed 🤷🏻‍♀️ heres the recipe 🌎 ——I forever love #coldfood 🤫 Because #saladbowls are life and everyone needs one ☝🏼 a day 🙋🏻‍♀️ at least 😅INGREDIENTS: #celery • solid white boiled #tunafish@seasnax for thy #sushi 🍣taste • #flaxseeds#chiaseeds#pinksalt#organichempoil •fresh #lemon juice 🥗 mix it all up and it’s ready to eat✌🏼 you can also roll this up in a @seasnax sheet and add rice or a nice at home #macrofriendly meal 🤓 and/or change the ingredients 🤯 #recipe #kitchen #food #cookwhatyoueat #youcantlivewithout 😍 #lowcarbmeal #lately #cravings #lovefish #mealideas #ifbbbikinipro 🤩

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