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Mia Padro  New York City / South Jersey / LIM College / 🇵🇷🇵🇭

Happy Birthday to my roomie ❤️️ Thanks for dealing with my laugh, making my bed cause I'm always throwing myself out the door, and taking off my makeup for me after a rough night. Btw you're my fav quadruplet❤️️ Happy Birthday Beautiful 💕💕 Hope you enjoyed your day Icky Vicky 👑 ily💕

I spy with my little eye Tweety Bird 👁🖤 but I'm in love with this place 😍

If I was a cartoon character that wore the same thing everyday, I think this would probably be it lol #myboohoostyle

"You know in old films whenever a girl would get seriously kissed, her foot would kind of..pop" -Princess Diaries

Fun fact: Spider-Man dropped Gwen here not a clock tower 👍🏽

#AnDmeant2b 🇵🇭

Lowkey felt like Debbie Thornberry 🌜🌚 #dayabyzendaya #@methistimepls lol

Who's mans is this? Oh ya mine lol #4years 🌮

Missing Philly 💔 & I guess Kell too lol 😂




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